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 LAURA (Currently Pregnant) 

1- How has training helped you along your pregnancy journey? 

Laura: So far it really helps me feel like I am staying on track fitness wise and just keeping up with my mental and physical health. I don’t feel like it is going to be so hard to come back afterwards and it helps me maintain a sense of normalcy in a very not normal time. 

2– I could understand the fear or concerns some could have, training while pregnant.How or in what ways did you overcome those fears and concerns? 

Laura: I was afraid to get back into it after being out from the morning sickness, but I really didn’t have any fears otherwise. Since you are all so encouraging and easy going, even if I have to really modify a work out I still feel like it’s worth while. I have no problem adjusting stuff so I wasn’t really concerned. The only thing is the fear of how long it will take me to get back after the baby but that’s just something I have to see as it goes. 
It is weird to have to dial some stuff back so much, but after seeing a lot of the other women at the gym come back and keep working as hard as ever has been inspiring. 

3- What changes did you notice in regards to training that occured for you?(Ie: month 1-3 no change? Month 3-6 x, and month 7-9 y and z?) 

Laura: I was extremely tired and obviously had horrible morning sickness for a few months. I’m feeling much better in the second trimester but I don’t ever want to push it as far as I used to. I find a lot of movements make me feel super dizzy or just off (the ski and the row especially, movements with a lot of up and down) and I have had to adjust my personal limits a little. 

4- What specific benefits do you feel came out of training through your pregnancy for you? 

Laura: Like I mentioned before, keeping a sense of normalcy. I have seen a lot of people “lean into” pregnancy and allow themselves to go off the rails with nutrition and exercise, but the time I have spent at railroad has taught me that it’s a long haul and that it’s important to keep your progress. Even if my training and nutrition have changed recently it feels good and predictable to keep up with my routine as much as I can. 

Thank you and all the coaches for being so understanding and checking in a lot during the workouts. I have never felt any pressure to do something that I was not comfortable with. No matter what has been the barrier, all of you have been able to help me adjust and still get a valuable workout.
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