Daves Success Story: Nutrition Coaching

  1. What were you struggling with before you signed up for our Nutrition Coaching program?

My main struggle was body fat

I had started CrossFit about a year earlier, and I was getting stronger, but I wasn’t seeing the fat loss results I had been hoping for

At the time I had a really rough sense of what healthy food choices were, I didn’t really have any sense of correct portions for me, I had a really minimal understanding of protein, carbs, nutrients, and fat contents, and I generally ate a lot of crap. 

In short, I wanted to lose fat, but I had no idea how to do it.

My secondary goal was to feel better during workouts. 

At the time I struggled with getting so fatigued and burnt out in workouts that I truly couldn’t continue on. 

The Coaches had all mentioned the importance of nutrition for recovery and workout performance, but I didn’t take it very seriously, and I kind of just expected to eventually be in “good enough” shape that it wouldn’t be a problem

Turns out they were very right!

  1. How did our Nutrition Coaching program help solve that problem?

My Coach taught me some important basics about protein, carbs, nutrients, and fat. 

Helped me figure out proper amounts and timing for eating each one, worked with me on meal ideas and taught me which foods would provide what I needed, and helped me to break down my current eating habits and build better strategies for the future. 

This was done through a monthly nutrition consultation/check-in and an in-body scan. 

The accurate data breakdown from the in-body, and the new knowledge and understanding of nutrition helped me to put together an easy and very effective personal plan, with further tweaking from month to month.

  1. What was different about the Nutrition program compared to diets you’ve tried in the past?

The biggest difference about the program is that it wasn’t about eating less or limiting myself like most other diets seem to be. 

In all honesty, I eat at least the same amount of food (likely more) now as I did before the LAW program, but now I feel more full and nourished, have more energy, perform better in workouts (and life), and am both losing fat and gaining muscle

It’s fantastic! 

I just have plans, strategies, and knowledge now that allow me to eat full, delicious meals that are also nutritious.

The inclusion of the in-body scans is also a big and positive difference with the program. 

For most people on most diets, the only success indicators are looking in the mirror and weighing yourself on the scale. 

Relying on either of those is a great way to end up feeling like your efforts are ineffective. 

The mirror is too subjective and can be discouragingly slow to show visible results, and the scale just doesn’t give you enough information, only your total weight

Over 6 months of the program, my weight on the scale has only changed minimally, and if that was my only indicator, I would likely have gotten discouraged and quit

In contrast to the scale, the in-body shows body fat mass and percentage, muscle mass, water weight, metabolic rate, and a host of other valuable and trackable body measurements.

  1. Take us to the moment when you realized our program was actually working to solve your problem.

The first month was the hardest just because I’ve been living for over 33 years with zero rules or strategy for my eating habits. 

Like anything that’s engrained for a long time, it’s a bit hard and daunting to make changes, and it can be hard to trust that it’s really going to pay off. All I can say is stick with it! 

The results of my second in-body scan (at the end of my first month) were irrefutable proof that the plan was working. 

I went into the appointment with a little apprehension that I might not have done a good job, or it might not have worked (after all, I was still eating a lot of food, and you’re supposed to be somewhat hungry during diets, right?), and when I saw that it had actually worked really well, I couldn’t have been more psyched! 

That was the moment when I completely trusted the program, knew for sure that it was working, and knew that I loved it because it was something that I could realistically stick with for a lifetime.

DAVE’S RESULTS via the Nutrition program (6 months): 

Muscle/Fat Analysis Was:Now:Difference of:
Body Fat Mass51.6 lbs.41.3 lbs. -10.3 lbs. 
Skeletal Muscle Mass97.4lbs104.1 lbs. +6.7 lbs
Body Fat %23.4%18.5%-4.9%

  1. Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or being solved?

I’m continuing to make progress toward my nutrition-based goals, and it’s still easy to stick to my plan. 

At this point, most of my nutrition plan just feels like regular life, and my Coach helps with tweaks and additions where needed

My overall performance in class has also increased dramatically, and I generally feel much better during workouts regardless of how hard I push myself, and I have found that my body handles recovery much better as well. 

I still really appreciate the data from the in-body scans and how much it helps keep me motivated. I plan to keep doing them.

  1. How has the accountability and support of nutrition coaching helped you stay on track?

This has been huge! 

My Coach was invaluable in getting me on track in the beginning, and he has continued helping to keep me motivated, work on strategies to deal with any struggles that I encounter, set realistic goals and recognize realistic progress, and further tweak and improve my overall nutrition plan to maximize success.

  1. What would you say to someone considering nutrition coaching with Railroad CrossFit?

100% do it! 

Nutrition coaching is like the anti-diet in the sense that it’s not about gimmicky food focuses or personal limitation, it’s about realistic goals, increased knowledge, valuable personal data, balanced and whole meals, and effective plans/changes that can last for your whole life. Most importantly, it’s also about genuine, invested support from coaches that care about your success.

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