Nicole and her husband Jeff welcomed baby daughter Aubrey into the world on 3/21/23.

She trained through her pregnancy up to about month before delivering. Here is her story.

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Question: How has training helped you along your pregnancy journey? 

Nicole: If you are someone who has been working out before getting pregnant I found that continuing to workout during pregnancy let me continue to have a part of my life that was not being changed by pregnancy. 

Your body is going through so many changes and it’s nice to have something that stays consistent and makes you feel like yourself. 

Question: I could understand the fear or concerns some could have, training while pregnant.

How or in what ways did you overcome those fears and concerns? 

Nicole: I was very timid in the gym when I first found out I was pregnant.

I had miscarried 2 years before and it took me a while to get pregnant again.

Even though I knew that I could not cause myself to miscarry again and that it was not my fault, I still had an underlying fear that I would do something to make me lose the baby.

Looking back now I know that I could have probably continued to lift my normal weights and went harder but at the time I was doing what was best for me.

I would never recommend stopping. I 100% believe that working out while pregnant is great for you. I would just recommend going at a pace that you are comfortable with and try not to worry. 

Question: What changes did you notice in regards to training that occurred for you?

(Ie: month 1-3 no change? Month 3-6 x, and month 7-9 y and z?) 


Everyone has different pregnancy symptoms. 

Months 1-3 you don’t look pregnant but you feel terrible. 

You have no energy and you may be nauseous all the time. 

I already felt like my strength was being affected. 

Months 3-6 you feel a lot better. 

Your energy is back and you want to do more in the gym but your ligaments are loosening and your body is changing so you have to be careful not to injure yourself. 

I noticed that my back would get tweaked if I wasn’t careful. 

Months 7-9 I felt like I was just going to class to move and get my social time in lol. 

But this was great for my mental health! 

Question: What specific benefits do you feel came out of training through your pregnancy for you? 

Nicole: I felt that training through pregnancy helped with my mobility when getting bigger, swelling in my legs, stopped my blood pressure from increasing, and kept my mental health strong. 

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