Small Group Training

One coach, up to six clients.

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Why choose Small Group Training?

In semi-private classes, you’ll enjoy a blend of individualized coaching and group camraderie, together at a lower cost than you’d expect from standard personal training.

Individualized coaching at Railroad CrossFit

Individualized coaching

With semi-private training, your coach is available to assist and motivate you through every step of the workout. This makes semi-private sessions the perfect option for someone who prefers more coaching than you'd typically get in a large group class.

Professional & Caring Coaches at Railroad CrossFit

Professional & caring coaches

The coaching staff at Railroad CrossFit comprises a combined 23 years experience and certified professionals who are committed to helping members achieve their fitness goals. With their care, expertise and guidance, members can trust in the quality of guidance, leadership and support provided.

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Similar goals

Your fitness goals aren't the same as anyone else's, so your workouts won't be either. Whether you're looking to lose weight, add muscle, or boost performance, your program will be curated for your specific aims.

A flexible schedule at Railroad CrossFit

Supportive environment

We understand that making time for regular exercise can be tricky, and fitting a session in to a busy schedule isn't easy. Semi-Private Training allows you to have more flexibility than large group classes, so our coaches can work around you: not the other way around.

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