So You’re The Last One To Finish The Workout…


You are working out with your peers, 

You’re deep into your workout, 

And you look around and notice everyone around you is finished…

You begin to internally panic and are flooded with emotion,

and then…

They rally to support and encourage you through to the end.

Cheering you on, coming closer to where you’re working out to be near you…

What do you do? 

Recently I had a discussion with a member where this happened and they were horrified by the class supporting them as they finished.

They even told them not to. 

And I’ll be honest, I was super bummed out to hear this.

And here’s why…

Colorado Story:

Let me share a story with you of the opposite scenario I witnessed in my travels to another gym out in Colorado. 

I dropped into this gym on Labor Day.

It was a long workout.

The time range of most people completing this was 25-35 minutes. 

I finished the workout on the earlier range and what I noticed when people finished their workout surprised me. 

As they finished, they began putting their stuff away and would begin to just leave.

This ended up being a big class, about 25+ of us. 

I thought to myself, “wow this is so strange.” It felt extremely disconnected, superficial and surely the Coach will address this. 


Folks would just leave and from the middle of this humongous gym (3 to 4x the size of Railroad) they’d just yell “have a good day!”  

And then as the last 5-10 people we’re walking out the door, in comes running this one woman to finish her workout. 

35 minutes into this workout.

No one said anything to her as she came in, looking tired, a bit embarrassed and still with about 5-6 minutes of work to do inside the gym. 

People walked past her, had already put their equipment away and just left. 

I’m a drop in, not a part of this  community and I felt horrible for this woman. 

So I went near where she was working during her wall balls, shared some gentle encouragement and stayed with her until she finished the workout. 

The human being inside of me who cares for people did not this woman to feel alone, uncared for and as if she didn’t matter.

I don’t even know her and I felt this.

Where was her Coach?

Already behind the desk checking their phone, disengaged and checked out from the class.

I was blown away. 

Is this real???

How is this woman supposed to feel? 

I thought, this isn’t the group atmosphere I know and love.  This isn’t what “CrossFit” or working out in a group should look and feel like.

Comradery. Support. Encouragement. Togetherness. 

It was solely just about checking the box. Doing the workout.  It felt as if all each person cared for was their workout. 

So Imagine The Feeling…

Fast forward to the original story,

Imagine you’re finishing up your workout, you are last, and everyone has left or leaves. 

The Coach packs it in and there you are left on your own.

Un-cared for, No support. No togetherness. No care or love for your effort all the way through.

Imagine that. 

So if you are the last one to finish up a workout, and folks are there, sharing their encouragement, support or just near you with a “I’m right here with you” mentality…

take comfort that these people care about you.

They appreciate your effort. 

They aren’t selfish and packing it in and getting on with their day. 

They genuinely care and want you to know they are with you.

Because in a world that can feel so surface level at times, 

This gesture is one to say, “you are not alone, and I/we stand here with you….”

And there is something beautiful in that.

Yet because we have self defeating stories, insecurities or attach too much meaning to what us being last actually means we make something supportive feel like a bad thing.

Human beings are coming together to share in a sentiment with someone they see working hard.

So if you are that person who’s finishing up and you are lucky enough to have people around you showing you support and love…

Be grateful and I encourage you to look at it with a different lens,

I challenge you to smile and take pride in the fact that you have people around you who care enough to stand with you, support you and who care enough about you to STAY in the fight with you…

Not walk out on you. 

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