Our Members Talk: Tracy Lee

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Tracy is an early 30’s mother of two young girls, college grad, who also has a herniated disc in her back.

Here is her story!

1. How were you feeling (emotionally, physically, psychology) before you joined Railroad? 


Before starting Railroad CrossFit, I believe I was in a funk; distracted and stressed. 

I’m a stay-at-home mom and was in college plus an internship that was 15-20 hours a week during covid. 

I was physically at a standstill, bored with my workouts and I would do whatever I felt like doing that day at the gym with no plan. 

2. What sparked you to come in and begin the conversation with Nolan? 

Tracy Lee:

I worked with Nolan many years ago and loved seeing his fitness posts/railroad on social media.  

I always wanted to try it but was nervous I would get hurt or look silly trying out a new movement and failing

Eventually, I pulled the trigger; talked with Nolan (who is the best!) and the rest was history.  I was in love with CrossFit and wish I would have started sooner! 

3.  We obviously love you in Group classes. What do you love about group classes? 


I love group classes!  Everyone is so friendly and inspiring. 

I feel so much more motivated when I have others working out alongside me. 

If I’m training alone, I would cut my workout short or not try new exercises. 

But here at railroad they push you just enough while keeping you safe.  

The coaches are wonderful and do checks in before, during and after each workout (sometimes the next day too!) to ensure you are feeling good and if there are any modifications needed. 

4.  You have a serious back injury (disc) and most people would let that scare, stop or deter them from continuing to train. 

What drives you to continue to train?


What things do you feel are done to ensure you are/feel safe and can train safely in a group?


I have a back injury that isn’t going away completely and sitting around is not going to make it better. 

I continue to train to stay healthy and to get my back to be stronger and pain-free.

If any exercise bothers me my coaches already have another exercise lined up for me that is safe, painless and just as effective! (And sometimes harder for me 😁🙃)

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5. How are you feeling now (emotionally, physically, psychology) compared to before you began at RR? 


2 years here at Railroad and I don’t think I have ever felt stronger and more confident in my workouts!  My stress level has decreased as I graduated my program, and have been consistent with working out. (working-out is the best stress reliever in my opinion!)

I unlearned many old habits that I knew wouldn’t serve me in the future, have been trying to be more present and incorporating daily self-care. 

You can ask any of my friends, they know how important and happy working out at Railroad makes me.   

6. How do you always have such a smile and great attitude? 🙂 (you spread good contagious energy!)


Walking into class just makes me smile as I get to see/ and workout with some pretty cool and strong people! 

Going to the gym is one thing I look forward to during the week and it really has helped me improve in all different areas of my life!  

AND seeing my favorite team is another reason to smile! 

Abby who is a breath of fresh air and is such a delightful positive human!

Shawn is one of the kindest/thoughtful human on the planet.  

Nolan is a wonderful man and such a great motivator!

Peter has been a perfect addition to the team and couldn’t imagine railroad without him.  

7. Ladies admire your physique. 

What advice or things would you say have helped you have such a great physique?


You made my day. 

So very kind! 

Being consistent with the positive changes you make to your life style is key!  Healthy diet, exercise and self-care!  I try to make healthy foods easily ready for me to grab and go so I’m not tempted to snack on my kids fun foods 😁

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8. Anything you would like to add or say? 


I’m so thankful for all the coaches and the rest of the railroad community; you guys truly have made my life more positive.  Stop waiting for the “right time” to start working out! Just start!  

I live 35-40 minutes away, have 2 kids in sports/dance, internship and I make it a priority to get to the gym!  No excuses. Find a routine, stay consistent, get after it! 

The only regret you will have will be that you wished you had started sooner.   

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