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Do you currently struggle with consistency of training/working out?

What creates this struggle?

For most people its misaligned priorities.

Training and/or exercise isn’t a top priority.

It can be understandable from the sense of

  • It’s easy to put everything before the thought of “working out.”
  • Some people label working out as “selfish.”
  • Initially exercise can be uncomfortable and challenging.
  • Create soreness you’re not yet accustomed to.
  • It’s not yet an ingrained habit/lifestyle.
  • And it’s difficult if you’re de-conditioned.

And we of course can become wired to seek comfort, not challenge.

The love of overcoming a challenge, sweating, working your mind and your muscles, and the byproduct of bettering yourself through physical activity is not yet a labor of love but depicted as a choir.


And until we actively work to improve our mindset about that we will struggle to get into the rhythm of a consistent active lifestyle with fitness.

Until we change our “I should workout” to “I must workout” we will always be battling other things always aiming to get in the way of our 1 hour for ourselves.

Until we realize you working out or training 1 hour a day is the least selfish thing you can do because of how it allows you to show up better for yourself and others (not to mention be the healthier version of yourself.)

And until we prioritize training/working out daily and weekly consistently, we will always be met with obstacles and putting our own wellness on the back burner.


Ask yourself, what exercise/working out/activity could I do and enjoy the process?

And do that.

Commit to a minimum a week.

Find people who will support you and hold you accountable to this.

Be consistent.

Learn to love the PROCESS not necessarily the outcome. The outcomes the bonus.

Ask yourself each week, what benefits am I noticing? How is life getting better than it previously was?

Don’t go in with perfection in mind yet a high success rate of being active/working out.

If you don’t know where to begin, seek a professional/Coach to create momentum and teach you.

If you are a gym goer/member of a CrossFit group class and struggle with being consistent, reevaluate your priorities, schedule and stop making excuses and get consistent.

No One Starts out ‘Loving Working Out’

If you were to ask me how often do you train?
I’d say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

5 out of the 7 days a week.

Every week. Each month.

Non negotiable.

That’s my personal standard.

For fitness, for health, for self care, for mental benefits, for my wellness.

It didn’t start this way.

Like many, I too went through an adaptation period.

“How do people enjoy exercising?” I’d ask myself while out running.

Discomfort, out of shape, lack of knowledge, LAG time in seeing actual results.

I was once ‘string bean’ McQueen.

17 years later – and I couldn’t even list all the benefits I feel, live, and experience from this being my norm.

But the three that I think most people want that I now live and feel regularly are:

  • Feeling strong and capable,
  • Feeling good in my body
  • Feeling healthy and energized

And I’d be scared to see what my life would be without it.

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