Bad Apples 

By Coach Shawn 

“One bad apple can spoil the entire barrel.” 

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You block out 1 hour of your day for self care in the form of fitness.

You seek to connect with like minded individuals.

Blow off steam, de-stress and feel good. 

You aim to challenge yourself each session, knowing you’re bettering your entire self.

Knowing that one hour has an immense trickle effect. 

Things like…

  • Your mood, 
  • metabolism, 
  • energy levels, 
  • muscle, 
  • stress relief 

and many other things too long to list improve just from enjoying this one hour.

Where your coaches take care of everything.

From lesson planning the entire session, mapping out your entire session so there is structure, flow and purpose. 

Appropriate warm ups, coaching progressions, keeping you safe throughout the entire process, adjustments case by case and always providing challenges on top of investing in you, the person. 

Cooling you down, 

Caring for your body maybe more than you do at times. 

Always recognizing your wins and your hardships.

The people and the space are special. 

Powerful, uplifting, encouraging and unlike anything else. 


And what begins to erode or chip away at the magical space is the bad apple. 

The bad apple can be disengaged at times.  

Checking their cell phone, answering emails, or texts instead of fully immersed and present in class (your 1 hour away from the busy and demands of life.)

The bad apple will complain about certain movements. 

Perhaps challenging the point of them.

The bad apple complains in general. 

The bad apple will at times not listen to their coach. 

Talk over the coach, or create side conversations when the coach is teaching/communicating. 

They can be careless or reckless with equipment, dropping empty barbells or dumbbells from overhead. 

They gossip about others or talk down about people. 

They whine and maybe even throw fits when things don’t go their way. 

They don’t connect with others. 

They complain about luxuries like music, burpees, air conditioning or having to run around the building. 


And if you’re honest with yourself,

at one point we have all been a bad apple. 

We are human. 

We have days, experience emotions, moods and feelings that we can react on at times that don’t necessarily align with who we want to be. 

Those aren’t reflections of our best self. 

However, to keep from spoiling your sacred place and space, we can’t live here continuously as the bad apple.

We have to assess our shortcomings, own it (apologize if necessary) and bring forward a better version of ourselves.

Because if we don’t, we begin to spoil the barrel and ruin the very thing that we once loved.

Look for the good, in every situation.

Be present. Wherever you are, be there.

Connect, communicate and appreciate others.

Share your gratitudes.

Find the lesson in the difficult things.

Avoid complaining, gossiping or talking down or negative. Nothing productive comes from it.

Respect. Respect yourself. Others. The luxuries we enjoy.

Always – Be – Coachable. Learn. Grow. Improve.

And if you happen to be in that “rotten” place best thing to do is move your body not your complaints.

Raise the standard. And then help hold others to it as well.

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