Lost, Unhappy & Disconnected From Yourself? – Me too…

By Coach Shawn

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“The hardest mountain to climb, is the one within.”

We all know happiness.


And those times in life that make us feel the MOST alive and our truest selves.

We also know pain.



And what it is to truly hurt.

This is all part of the human experience.

And if you find yourself feeling more of the latter, you’re not alone.

I too have found myself on the darker side of the human experience.

No one is immune.

However, we don’t need to STAY there.

We have CHOICE.

And we can begin to re connect with ourselves first by answering a single question…

What things do I need to do, to unleash my best, most vibrant, most optimal self?

I recently wrote this within my journal and the answers flowed in abundance.

Providing me with my keys to my treasure chest – joy, fulfillment and happiness.

Here they were:

Love myself unconditionally.

Seek gratitude, appreciation and joy in each day. – Write about it, speak about it out loud.

Train my mind daily. – Auto pilot is fear / survival & serves you in some places but not many – build this muscle.

Train my body daily. Connect with my body. Love the journey & process each day.

Feed my mind. Learn. Grow. Expand. Evolve.

Feed my body. Highly nutrient dense foods in a consistent manner that serve and align with my health and fitness goals.

Connect with myself. Check in with my mind, my body, my feels.

Connect with my CORE group. Love first. Listen second. Lend a hand or lead last. Be the best human you can be for them in any given moment.

Connect with others. Ask questions. Appreciate. Learn. Love.

Seek guidance / mentorship. Learn. Ask questions. Problem solve.

Joy. Chase the things that bring you the most joy and don’t be distracted when those moments present themselves.

Create. Express your inner artist in ways that make you feel alive.

Recharge. “Plug the phone in.” Get optimal sleep, disconnect from work, social outlets and/or people and embrace down time as it helps you show up at high levels.

Release. Release the negative emotions that are holding you back or aren’t serving your growth or journey ie: blame, shame, expectation, guilt or resentment.

These were mine.

Do any of them connect with you?

What are yours?

If you find yourself challenged, unhappy or feelings of lost along your path,

this question and discovering your own answers could help you find the keys to your own treasure chest.

And help guide you to those feelings of joy, happiness and fulfillment again.

In love & service.


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