The 5 to 8 Method (Strength Training)

For the first three weeks of our 2022 Winter Build cycle we will be implementing what’s called the 5 to 8 Method with our strength lifts.

Here’s an example 

Back Squat 

3 total sets 

-5 reps 

Rest :15 seconds 

-1 rep (same weight you did for 5)

Rest :15 seconds 

-1 rep (same weight you did for 5)

Rest :15 seconds 

-1 rep (same weight you did for 5)

Rest 2 min 

The Breakdown

You start out at 5 challenging reps. 

Then perform 3 more singles all with about 15 seconds rest between. 

Totaling 8 reps per set. 

And we will accumulate 24 total reps across all 3 sets. 

The weight will be heavy.  Each week our % will climb.

The Benefits

What’s great about this is it’s going to get us strong. 

We are familiarizing our body with heavier loads.

Not so much so that our mechanics break down.

Having to do 1 after a tough set of 5 will be a relief. 

And it’s just enough rest to mentally and physically recover before going again. 

The additional singles are fantastic at recruiting and fatiguing the higher threshold motor units.

We get the best of many things, including strength + muscle. 

Partial hypertrophy due to combination of cluster training.

Move heavy weights for you well, be extremely consistent with your day to day week to week training and you’ll reap the benefits you seek. 

In love & service,

Coach Shawn 

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