Do You Struggle With Your Body Too?

By Coach Shawn

Have you ever noticed…we can be so kind to others and so harsh to ourselves about our own bodies.

From how our body looks or doesn’t look,

What it can or can’t do,

What it used to do or used to look or feel like that it no longer does…

You name it,

we all feel it in all its forms.

And if we’re all honest,

each of us likely struggle or have struggled at some point with this more than we’d like to admit.

Why do we struggle with not going to self love and self compassion first…versus judgement, criticism or frustrations?

Perhaps to unlearn this disempowering pattern and begin to build a healthier relationship with ourselves we could begin with a re frame of better questions (which prompt better thinking and answers)

So I’ll list some here that I hope can be helpful for you:

Sit with them – find the empowering truth in all of them. It’s available.

1. Where is my Health showing up for me?

2. Where is my strength showing up for me?

3. Where is my endurance showing up for me?

4. Where is my core strength showing up for me?

5. Where is my mental resilience showing up for me?

6. Where is my ability to do difficult things showing up for me ?

7. Where is bettering myself showing up for me ?

8. Where is my discipline showing up for me?

9. Where is my consistency showing up for me?

10. Where is my body showing up for me?

In the gym, in life, everywhere.

You are not alone.



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