What Should I Eat Before A Workout?

By Coach Shawn


 If you want to thrive in the gym and feel your best while working out, you have to understand and apply intelligent nutrition before training.

Before we break down the things to do, 

let’s talk about a couple mistakes that are common.

Mistakes that I’ve sure learned the hard way. 

1. Wrong Foods.

2. Wrong Time 

3. Too Little or too much


-Heavy or dense foods…ie: a wrap, a burrito or a big meal.

Fiber rich foods…ie: vegetables,

Also foods high in fat.

Spicy foods, dairy or fizzy drinks.

You don’t want anything sitting heavy in your stomach during training, especially high intensity training. 


If you allow too big a gap to occur between your last meal and training (4-5+ hours) you run the risk of running low on energy or steam.

Which will lead to under performing.


Eat too little or not at all and you risk feeling weaker and tired. 

Eat too much and your risk feeling sick and sluggish. 

Here’s what to do:

Time it…

Strength training only?

  • =Eat 45-90 min before.

Time it…

High intensity training?

  • =Eat 90 min – 2 hours before.

Get Carbs in.

  • =The key hear is FAST digesting carbs. Fruits are super easy, quick and help supply our muscles with energy. Other examples could be a small amount of white rice, potato & yogurt. 

Your muscles primary source of fuel is glycogen. 

Glycogen is a stored form of carbohydrates. 

Consuming carbs pre workout will ensure your muscles have fuel. 

Get Protein in TOO.

  • =Shoot for 25-30g if possible.

This will provide your body with essential amino acids for muscle building and repair. 

This little trick can save you lots of gains!

Most people under eat protein as it is. 

You don’t want another meal where you’re either low or skipping it all together. 

Keep fiber intake LOW

  • =fiber is important but not ideal before a workout as it slows digestion and is counter productive to getting vital nutrients to our muscles. 

Keep fat intake LOW.

  • =Fat is an important macro, when it comes to training it’s best utilized further from exercise. 

It slows down digestion. 

Go LIGHTER if you have a sensitive stomach

  • =You know your body. 

Early AM Workouts?

  • =A few options here. If you’re up early enough with a 90 min window you can keep it light with some fruit and light protein (Ie: deli Turkey or 3 oz chicken breast.)

However, most people, me included enjoy your morning coffee and wouldn’t want to give that up. 

What I do is the last meal from the night before I ensure has a good amount of carbs (usually rice for me) to store that energy for the next morning. 

And then train fasted. 

Use these tips to help you get more out of your training, which can help steer you towards better results.

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