#1 Strategy How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Jeffrey Meltz was 350 lbs before walking in our doors in January of 2022.

He was unhappy with how he looked and felt, 

Was severely out of shape,

Lacked self confidence

and was ready to change his life.

A familiar story so many can relate with in their own way. 

Since that time, Jeff has gone on to lose over -115lbs. 

AND more importantly, has kept it off. 

Including welcoming his third child along the way of this journey.

How did he do it? 

He mastered the one thing so many of us fail to when it comes to success in weight/fat loss and keeping it off…

Behavioral change. 


Everyone of us has wants.

Yet so many struggle with the consistent actions, choices and behaviors needed to succeed.

Since getting to know Jeff, he has an innate strong work ethic and inner determination. 

Those a great traits to possess. 

His reason for the change was multi-layered. 

He was a dad of two, who’s girlfriend had the 3rd on the way.

And one of his big drivers was the future father he wanted to become. 

The dad who could get down on the ground and play with his kids, have energy and be around long enough to see them have kids one day. 

His why was strong. Most people’s are.

But without consistent action, those are all just wishes and thoughts. 

He had to change his behavior and become consistent with healthy habits. 

Jan 2022-Oct 2022

FITNESS + NUTRITION Lead to 100lb Weight Loss 

Jeff wasn’t comfortable around large groups. In our initial consultation he even said he was afraid of the group environment. 

My initial prescription included Personal Training 3x a week. 

Looking back, my one regret is not including Nutrition Coaching from the beginning. 

Jeff never missed a session. He was coming out of his shell. Connecting with his Coach. 

And most importantly, achieving results. 

His confidence bloomed to where he felt comfortable to work out with others in a supported environment in our Group Classes. 

It was soon after where Jeff watched a youtube series Coach Shawn put out on how to lose body fat. 

Jeff watched these videos and applied what Coach Shawn said all on his own.

He began tracking his food.

Aware of how much he was taking in. 

Put himself in a calorie deficit. 

To control how much he was taking in. 

And reducing the easy ability of overeating. 

He upped his protein. 

To aid in his muscles – and helping him lose the unwanted body fat. 

He drastically upped his food quality. 

He did this all on his own.

The discipline itself speaks volumes. 

From January to October Jeff had lost 100lbs. 

It was at this time he sought out working with Coach Shawn in nutrition coaching. 

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Oct 2022- Dec 2022

Nutrition Coaching & Mastering Behavior Change & Habits 

In our Nutrition Coaching program we have an In Body machine.

Each month before we begin our session folks scan in and within :30 sec get a real time print out of their body composition. 

To include: muscle mass, body fat mass, body fat %, changes in water etc. 

I WISH we had an in-body when Jeff first started to see the fat loss and muscle change from when he began. 

Jeff’s initial metrics in October were as follows:


His initial struggle then was knowing what to consume to get to where he wanted to be.
Some variables in his consumptions from the weekday to the weekend. 

Calorie consumption going up over the weekend. 

Keep in mind Jeff had been in a caloric deficit since March when he watched those videos. 

8 months.

So right away I brought his calories up – to a maintenance phase. 

I did this because a deficit for a prolonged period of time has adverse effects.

Some on hormone balance.

Some on fatigue.

Some on making it challenging to meet nutrient needs. 

He needed a re-balance. 

So we entered a higher calorie maintenance phase with a focus on whole foods, eating in balance and upping his protein number. 

Which I’m sure sounded scary to Jeff who still wasn’t where he wanted to be.

Eat MORE to lose weight? 

How is that possible??

Yet Jeff TRUSTED his Coach and the process. 

Jan 2023 – May 2023

Consistency Pays Off

Jeff was surprised by his Dec results. 

He noted feeling stronger, improving in his fitness capacity and it was within this time his work inspired his almost 60 year old father to begin Personal Training himself. 

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His energy was up. 

His cravings were gone

Previously he’d lose weight and gain it back right away.

He said, “Shawn, this feels so sustainable.”

Old 350lb Jeff was eating 20% quality – 80% Junk Cals. 

New <250lb Jeff was eating 90% quality consistently and allowed 10% wiggle room. 

Jeff was taking every bit of advice and following it with a 90%+ adherence. 

He was consistent.

Not some of the time.

Most of the time. 

Moving into his next phase we laser focused on food quality. 

And because I knew he could handle two focuses – and performance in the gym was improving – I added one more focus – carbohydrate timing in regards to training. 

Jeff followed the plan. 

Focused on what TO do.

October 2022December 2022May 20237 month Results Nut Coaching 
TOTAL WEIGHT 255lb247lb235lb-20lbs weight 
MUSCLE MASS119lb 120lb118lb-1lb muscle*
BODY FAT MASS 44lb 35lb28lb-16lbs fat 
BODY FAT %17%14%12%-5%

*As Jeff’s main target was losing body fat and overall weight, we knew we’d lose the smallest amount of muscle. Not enough to create concern or that was significant. 



Life is always going to test us. 

Jeff is no exception.

His girlfriend and mother of their son and step daughter, Cassie gave birth to their daughter Mia during this time.

And the days after birth was not without challenges and adversity. 

Jeff was back and forth between the hospital for weeks. 

How easy would it be to fall off at this point? 

Jeff had built his habit muscle so strong – here’s a few things that kept him in a good 80% successful zone with fitness and nutrition.

First he adjusted his workout schedule and began taking 630am classes. 

He still was prioritizing his own physical and mental health/well-being. 

I am proud he didn’t negotiate with himself out of this. 

Stressful times, the love and support of a community, coaches and a great class workout do wonders for our well being. 

He had a few tough days nutritionally when needed to stay at the hospital but when back home he got right back on course. 

Sleep of course took a hit with a new baby, but do you know how Jeff even managed to make this a positive? 

When the baby wakes up at 3am – Jeff would get up with the baby and during this time he began reading. 

Reading books to grow in the realm of personal development. 

Because Jeff had built such a mastery in the successful habits when we scanned in and had our Nutrition Coaching session multiple weeks the birth of his daughter, the RESULTS spoke for the behavior change mastery.
He lost body fat mass and lowered body fat percent,
maintained muscle.
He STILL made progress.

No dips in the wrong direction.

The Future Jeff 

To me, Jeff is the tip of the spear. 

Following through and mastering the discipline of behavior change.

I don’t know what it’s like to be 350lbs overweight. 

To overcome that weight hurdle.

Jeff does. 

And did. 

Anyone can lose weight. 

It’s doing it the right way and keeping it off that most struggle with. 

Every step of Jeff’s journey since he committed to change 

He has built the muscle of the behavior changes needed to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off.

Even with having a young child, a newborn and a new baby all within this time.

Working a full time job. 

If it’s possible for Jeff, it’s possible for anyone. 

What’s next for Jeff? 

He has his eyes set on challenging himself to complete a half marathon in October of 2023. 

From a 350lb guy who struggled to do an air squat – 

To the 

235lb guy at 12% body fat – stronger, happier, healthier…

Who’s seeking out a half marathon for fun.

What’s possible for you?

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