3 Easy Tips To Feel Better Fast

Are you regularly experiencing any of the following??

  • constipation?
  • cramps?
  • abdominal pain? 
  • headaches?
  • dry skin?
  • dizziness?
  • decreased performance?

Here are 3 easy tips to feel better FAST…

1. Tip #1- Morning Cocktail 

Before your morning coffee try this drink…

-cold water (approx 160z)

-1 cut up lemon squeezed into water

-sprinkle sea salt

Drink some or most of this before your coffee.

It will do wonders for you.

(And may even wake you up faster than coffee!)

Next tip,

#2- Fill the gaps of your day with drinking water. 

Drink water between meals.

It’s easy to forget, or think we’re too busy.

If you need to set an alarm on your phone every 20-30 min to drink until you build the habit, do it.

#3- Tie drinking water to your ‘daily routines.’

Drink water at the end of your meals.

(Fill stomach volume avoid overeating)

Drink x number of sips between meals. 

(Hydrate and curb you from unnecessary binge snacking)

Start your day and end your day with water.

(We wake – dehydrated. Fix that first. We snack late. It adds up.)

If you find yourself waking up to pee 2-3 times a night just add a pinch of salt to your water. 

Bonus – if you struggle with plain water – just add a fresh lemon and some ice! 

Watch how fast you’ll feel better!

Being hydrated will help:

• Lubricate your joints [instantly body will feel better]

• Boosts healthy skin [instantly look better] 

•Cushions our brain, spinal cord and other tissues 

• Regulates body temperature 

• Flushes body waste 

•Helps maintain blood pressure

•Our airways need it

• Energizes muscles

•Helps control calorie consumption

•Aids in Kidney function

• Improves mood

• Increases physical performance

Time to drink some water 🙂 

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