Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain

Matt, who’s a nutrition client of mine is 46 years old. 

For years he’s struggled with his weight.

  • Emotional eating. 
  • Succumbing to peer pressure eating. 
  • No structure.  

Or understanding of food. 

All of which added up and was affecting his confidence. 

Depleting his energy.

And how he felt. 

In fact, he said in the weeks from Halloween to the New Year he’d easily gain 15 lbs each year in the past. 

We began working together in June of this year building and improving his habits around nutrition. 

5 months in,
he’s down 20 lbs total weight. 

12lbs of body fat mass lost

When we met in November, Matt shared that he had a lot of upcoming travel.

So we created a plan and realistic expectations for him to enjoy his vacations and experiences – without losing all progress.

What was the result? 

Matt came back from his travels having the best times and only gained 2lbs. 

A huge WIN!

Why a win? 

Matt felt so great having tools, strategies and areas he could focus on while being on vacation and still “zag” as we call it to enjoy the totality of his experience. 

He even shared during a text check in while on vacation – “my clothes fit great!”

To go from regularly gaining 15 lb to only 2lb is a huge difference. 

Matt credited the nutrition coaching, accountability and support. 

His mindset shift in learning about ‘maintenance’ during this time versus always having a “lose or gain” mentality in regards to weight. 

Matt is thriving during the holiday season. 

In our first initial session we spoke about a key ingredient it takes to achieve results and success:


Tomorrow: I’ll share how commitment took Neil from over 300lbs to just around 250lb.

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