“Confident Without My Shirt On.”

By Coach Shawn

What’s The Target?

I work with a few 1:1 clients.

Their goals are specific.

One guy I work with when we first started wanted to lose unwanted weight.

We achieved that.

Then he wanted to get stronger.

So we focused on that.

Now, 20lbs down, confident, feeling stronger and better than ever, he wants to build up some muscle on his frame.

So that’s what we are doing. 

5 months into working together he recently shared this with me, 

“you know I had my shirt off the other day at a sauna with other people and you know what was really nice? I felt no insecurities about how I looked. The angle of how I was sitting. None of it. 
I feel really great about my body.”

It was music to my ears and I couldn’t be happier for him.

He has earned that. 

And you want to know something that blew his mind?

He achieved amazing results training only 90 minutes total a week.

Three 30 min sessions a week with a very specific customized plan to his goals.

Combined with consistency, commitment and effort on his end brought on a major transformation. 

1:1 Training = Specific Plan for Specific Goal

Personal training helps accomplish specific goals like this and fast.

If results, accountability and speed of results are what you’re after, Personal Training is the optimal path more so than something more broad like group fitness classes. 

The training in 1:1 gets very specific around the particular goal. While group fitness classes are about broad and general fitness goals.

[In fact – this client started out with Group Classes. In a span of 4 months – self admitted lacking discipline – he only attended 11 classes in that time. His inconsistency produced little to no progress/results. When he transitioned to Personal Training, his accountability is immaculate. He trained more in the first month (12 sessions) than he did over the span of 4 months prior. And results followed fast.)

Understanding the 4 Types of Goals

There are usually 4 goals people have:

  1. To lose weight.
  2. To get stronger.
  3. To build muscle.
  4. To be healthier & fitter. 

Each of these 4 goals are different.

Notice how increasing muscle size and getting stronger are two different things

They aren’t mutually exclusive, but if you prioritize one over the other, then a different strategy is needed. Muscle strength and muscle size are two different results from different muscular fiber adaptations. 

Different training protocols will induce different adaptations.

Also, notice how losing fat and getting fitter are also two separate goals. 

When you get fitter, losing weight is usually a by-product.

 However, there are ways to lose weight that can be very effective but don’t make you that much fitter. 

Conversely, you could train all day long, become very fit, but still have terrible eating habits and lose barely any fat.

Within Personal Training, working with your coach 2x – 3x a week consistently, a customized training program specific to you and your goals is built out.

You’re accountable.

Notice too how my clients goals changed once he achieved a new goal. 

So did the training plan. 

Do you have a goal you’d like to achieve and need accountability, guidance and support?

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