What We Can Learn From Puppyhood.

In 2018 I made the decision to add this beautiful little girl, this beautiful little puppy into our pack. At the time I had another dog, who was 4 years old. 

unnamed 1

I would name this little girl Myla Rose, Myla standing for, May You Love Always. 

At 8 weeks old, like any puppy, she had no potty training, no understanding of the do’s and don’ts, the rights and wrongs or how to listen appropriately. 

Present day, when she’s outside exploring, I can whistle for :5 to 10 seconds and she will come running back immediately no matter where she is. 

I can take a knee and say “hug” and get one of the best hugs of my life. 

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(With a zillion incoming kisses too 🙂

Or say, “sit” and it means she will sit before her food gets laid down,

stay in the sit as the food gets put down and not leave that position until she hears the release word, “break.”

She now will even lay in her doggy bed at the gym, safely out of the area of use, admiring a class of exceptional human beings working to better their health and fitness.

Well, most of the time.

Unless we are teaching a movement and we all clap for someone

(I guess she wants to come say good job too 🤷🏻‍♂️)

Of course she is the unconditional loving sweetest girl. 

She is also trained.

And that training process was not overnight.

Puppyhood: Laying Foundations For The Future

In fact, when I think back to training through puppyhood, which I have done 3 separate times now, I know that it is a consistent nine month to 12+ months continued repetitive and oftentimes difficult training process.

  • Potty training.
  • Obedience training. 
  • Chew training. 
  • Physical and mental stimulation.
  • Socializing/ social interactions.
  • And training on training on training.

And no shortage of surprises. Like rolling in deer poop when visiting your neighbor.

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And that’s just to set the foundations.

Time wise, it is a short period of time of work for a lifetime of listening well, discipline, obedience and a much easier life with your pup. 

And of course unconditional love.

Next Stage: Maintaining The Foundations

Once foundations are laid down and built, it is much easier to maintain as the pups age and over time.

  • They behave better. 
  • Listen easier. 
  • Follow your lead and direction without question. 
  • Healthier relationship with your dog.
  • A well trained dog allows you to take them with you places more.
  • Established boundaries with your dog – which gives you a sense of confidence and control.
  • Communication and better understanding of one another.
  • Safety – a well trained dog is less likely to be destructive.
  • Problem prevention – you shape desirable behavior versus unwanted ones.
  • Lowers your stress levels significantly.
  • Enrichment – dogs feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

And it makes this relationship and bond with our companions so much more enjoyable.

You don’t have to experience them not listening to you all the time or when you call them to come inside, anxiety over how they are going to react, excessive leash pulling/dragging or destroying your home when you’re not there. 

Because you’ve built and trained foundations. And then work to maintain them.

That initial 9 month to year mark is the tough part.

The beginning part of the journey.

And a lot of things in life are no different.

•Building the habits to eat better.

Initially the first 90 days to 6 months+ are foundation setting.  Just like puppyhood.

They are the hardest. 

And won’t come without challenge.

You’ve likely spent 20-30-40+ years with not the greatest habits, patterns, beliefs and it’s gonna take time to excavate and improve on that.

•Becoming consistent with movement/exercise.

The first 90 days are of building this habit so critical to long term success. 

You’ll experience soreness, motivation will drop off, life events will get in the way and your why or drive to continue will be tested.

But just like training Myla Rose or any puppy, not giving up when the going gets hard early and continuing to move through the good days, the hard days and the you ate what days….!?

Building our foundations through whatever version of puppyhood we are in (ie: nutrition, new job, new relationship, exercising) is critical to our long term success.

Because with a solid foundation,

It’s much easier to maintain when a good foundation is laid.

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