How I Helped Matt Not Gain Weight During The Holidays

“In years past, during this 60 day stretch of the holidays I’d gain 15lbs.”

This year, Matt set a new goal. 🎯

His goal was to gain zero lbs while working in our Nutrition coaching program through this holiday stretch.

It wouldn’t be easy. 

  • He was gone, traveling for 27 out of 60 days.
  • Went out to many restaurants.
  • Had many meals out.
  • Many meals cooked for him out of his control…
  • Even Mama’s homemade cooking.

and what was the end result??

He weighs exactly the same as he did on 10/27 !

Matt did not gain any weight!


He attributed a lot of his success to one strategy.

Want to know what that strategy was?

Learning how to front load his first meal with a heavy dose of protein. 

Previously, he’d be starting his days with cereals, or high carbs and little protein and what he’d experience was no sustainment and a “crash” shortly after eating.

Followed by bad decisions.

Sound familiar? 

By learning how to start the day with a heavy dose of protein and what that could look like Matt noticed he was fuller longer. He would make better decisions thereafter.

“This felt like one of my biggest game changers – starting breakfast this way started my day where I felt in control.”

This paired with some mental re-frames we worked on around getting off track.

Previously when Matt would get off track, it was a permission slip to go off track the rest of the day. 

NOW he views each meal as its own subset of decisions. 

And starting his meals, anywhere in the world sets the tone for good decisions the rest of the day. 

Want to learn proven strategies to help you 

  • feel better, 
  • keep unwanted weight off or shed unwanted weight,
  • Build a healthier way of thinking and approaching nutrition all together? 
  • And just improve in the area of Nutrition?

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Here’s what Jeff Meltz, over 100lb weight loss said about our program:

“First of all I think nutrition coaching is something anyone can benefit from.

To anyone on the fence, I’d tell them I wish I started it sooner. I may not have been in any different place right now, but I would’ve gotten here a lot sooner.  Anytime I think about it I kick myself for trying to go at it alone for that long. I’m pretty sure no one has ever regretted getting the help that you give. 

Also the accountability and backing of having you and the other coaches has always been a huge part of what helped me that I would’ve never had alone.”

-Jeff M 

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