Common nutrition questions & struggles

“Do you feel confused or misinformed as to what to eat to help your body look and feel better?”

Jeff was too. 

Here’s what had to say:

“Growing up and even through most of my adult life so far I was misinformed quite a bit about what I should’ve eaten and how it affected my body, and I think most others are too. 

The things you’ve taught me aren’t hidden secrets or anything that’s impossible to handle. 

It’s the simple stuff that adds up. 

And having someone like you helped me see that, instead of a google search showing 50 different ways to lose weight, gain muscle, or be healthy that all clash and contradict each other and in the end either don’t work or aren’t sustainable.

With what you helped me with, nutrition feels like common sense to me now. 

I know what my body needs and wants. 

And even when the nutritional facts aren’t in front of me or I haven’t tracked that day, I still am very aware of what I’m taking in and what it’s doing for me. 

Even after a cheat day or if I go off track, I know how to get back to what works for me. And in reality, most of the time eating and drinking the right stuff feels better now. 

I feel in control of my body and it’s a very powerful feeling. 

And seeing the in-body scans always gave me confirmation of the work I put in, even if I went in feeling unsure.”


​​”Would you benefit from additional guidance in exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat? 

Do you feel education customized to YOU and YOUR schedule would help you reach your health and wellness goals faster?”

Dawn Did. 

Here’s what she had to say:

“I participated in the Nutrition Coaching program 1:1 with Shawn for 5 or 6 months this past year. 

The impact it has had on my life has been exceptional! 

We had some great conversations that helped me set goals and make progress in my weight loss efforts. 

I learned so much about nutrition and myself.  

I now know EXACTLY what is required to lose 1 pound of fat. 

And, no, it is not workout more or harder. 

I know what to eat before and after workouts. 

I know how much protein I need to consume per day. 

Most importantly, I learned how to be kinder to myself. 

These are just a few things I came away from the Nutrition program with.  

I’m so glad I invested in myself by signing up for this program.”

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“Are you finding it difficult to stay on track while eating out? 

Menu items pulling you in and adding a lot of unnecessary unspoken calories in?”

Maybe the old Neil.

Not anymore. 

Here’s what Neil had to say about a recent outing with his son: 

“Who takes their son to Dave and Busters, plays video games for 2 hours, and when we decide to sit down for a bite to eat from a menu with 1000-2000 Calorie Items orders a ceasar salad with overpriced grilled chicken on top?

This guy 

+ No beer – just water…. felt that was a win even though the salad w/o the chicken was still surprisingly like 650 calories / and they only gave me like 4 oz of chicken.”

Neil is currently down 50lbs.

Still unsure? 

“To anyone on the fence, I’d tell them I wish I started it sooner. 

I may not have been in any different place right now, but I would’ve gotten here a lot sooner.  

Anytime I think about it I kick myself for trying to go at it alone for that long. I’m pretty sure no one has ever regretted getting the help that you give. 

Also the accountability and backing of having you and the other coaches has always been a huge part of what helped me that I would’ve never had alone.

I think nutrition coaching is something anyone can benefit from.” 

– Jeff, 30’s, dad of 3 & down 115lbs, from over 40% body fat to into 12%) 

“If you are on the fence at all about jumping into the Nutrition Coaching Program, I would say this to you… You would be missing out on something pretty awesome. 

Our coaches have so much knowledge to share. 

Doing this program can be the last piece of the puzzle to see the changes we are all looking for.  I can tell you from experience… the fitness training without the nutrition part is not optimal for weight loss.  

Now I have all the pieces of the puzzle to make things happen. 

And a great support team behind me.   

Sign up for the Nutrition Coaching! You won’t be sorry!”

-Dawn, 60 y/o avid tennis player [ -10lbs Body Fat, 4% body fat and 11l bs total]

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