Why We Exist And What We’re Really Doing…

By Coach Shawn

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Nobody is going to take care of you but you.  

7 out of 10 deaths in the United States alone are due to chronic disease. 

Here’s what the science shows, from the world health organization. 

There are only 3 known causes to chronic disease:

  • Smoking
  • Inactivity 
  • Poor Diet.

So how does one work to prevent chronic disease?
The lifestyle combination of 

  • Not smoking.
  • Eating healthy consistently. 
  • Exercising consistently. 

Why is it so difficult then?

Why do 70% of Americans suffer from chronic disease?

Without going down too many rabbit holes, we are against a lot. 

From how the grocery store is designed:

skillful tactics to challenge your willpower through strategic placings, arrangements and even height where items are stocked.


Continuous advertisements on your TV prompting you to buy products that will only push you further from health and closer to chronic disease.


The cheap food, cleverly designed and targeted marketing and easy accessibility of “fast food” chains at most corners looking to lure you in.

Nobody is going to take care of you but you.  

Even gyms like Planet Fitness (which I have nothing against) provide a false sense of path to progress.

“Join now for just $10 a month.”

What they are offering is “access” at such a low rate, it’s enticing for the consumer who doesn’t see the GAIN of fitness or health, they see only a $10 loss and the “possibility” of what COULD be gained.

Yet who exactly are “access” gyms designed for?

They are for

HIGHLY motivated people,

Who KNOW what they are doing,

Who don’t struggle with accountability,

Who know how to write workout programs to get consistent results,

They know how to perform movements safely and correctly

and enjoy training by themselves.

Is that most people.


It’s priced so low that it entices that the average person, who quickly loses motivation or encounters some sort of struggle/roadblock and stops going, and doesn’t think twice about the few dollars they are losing every month. 

But this isn’t about Planet Fitness. 

Those are a just few things we as people are up against.

What Are You?

We stand up against those things.

We have clear intentions about helping people.

About teaching them how to move properly, safely and to get results.

Creating an environment that creates meaningful relationships and equally helps foster self trust.

We teach people how to eat, to preserve muscle tissue and lower body fat and decrease risk of chronic disease.

How to improve daily behaviors, personal mindset and improve and overhaul their lifestyle as a whole.

Who Are You?

Railroad is a Coaching based gym.

We Coach human beings through fitness, lifestyle, nutrition and mindset. 

We set out to increase the quality and the quantity of the lives of our members. 

We do this through Coaching. 

Through the relentless pursuit of our craft.

Through spending down time or off time learning more about all things movement, fitness, nutrition, psychology, human beings and human behavior. 


We use CrossFit largely throughout the year as part of our training protocol.

CrossFit is a part of our methodology of how we get people fit.

Functional movements from bodyweight exercises to compound lifts to learning the olympic lifts.

We use dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes and plyo boxes.

We teach movement, strategy and even how to pace or approach every challenge.

We vary our training intensity as much as we vary our day to day workouts.

We challenge everyone. We customize for everyone. We reward effort and seek a willingness to learn and try.

Through facing daily challenges in a supportive, non judgmental environment we empower one another.

We have created a culture of individuals who are open, caring, respectful, uplifting and like minded.

Why do you that?

Because we believe in changing people’s lives for the better. 

To adding years, adding quality and each day challenging ourselves to create an unparalleled experience for our members. 

One that blurs the line of fun, challenging, structured and educational. 

Our members likely aren’t thinking of avoiding chronic disease at the forefront of their minds. 

They are extremely happy enjoying the 

  • Personal transformations, 
  • The daily experience provided, 
  • The camaraderie amongst their peers  
  • Friendships and relationships formed 
  • The lower body fat, stronger back squats, decreased pain, new muscles, 
  • and continued progress in and out of the gym.  

It’s part physical, part emotional, part spiritual, part mental. 

We can’t save everyone. 

But those who do come to us, to seek the help they need, we will become their Coach.

And under our wing, we will stop at nothing to add quality and quantity to their years.

Move them further away from sickness and closer to fitness. 

And give them a place where they can go, to continually learn, grow, have fun, achieve and become the best version of themselves along the way. 

That version who’s not only healthier, stronger and fitter…

But whose life is more fulfilled.

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