by Coach Shawn

Railroad CrossFit is not your ordinary “gym.” 

We are a business that builds better people through fitness, nutrition and the mental/mindset side of coaching. 

We have built a culture and community that not only focuses on the constant pursuit of improvement in our own selves (in and out of the gym), our own fitness and daily strength journeys, leading healthier lifestyles and habits in general…

But also one that’s foundation is centered around personal development.  

Becoming a better you.

We have 5 Pillars at Railroad:

1. We always get beyond the surface with our people. 

2. We aid in creating empowering mindset shifts.

3. We build self trust and self-confidence

4. We center and lead our programs around longevity and vitality

5. We continually guide people towards achieving freedom through fitness

And while we get tons of inquiries or interest expressed each month,  and that’s extremely flattering, we are not for everyone.

We are for those who are…

-Looking to create a consistent relationship with fitness and nutrition.

-Open to learning each and every single day.

-Desiring to connect with others and build friendships.

-Those who are willing to be a lifelong student (Coachable).

-Those who care about longevity, safety, fun AND embracing challenges. 

If that sounds like you, here’s a bit about HOW to get started.

Getting Started: 

Part 1: The Interview 

The very first thing we do with anyone new coming in is start with a conversation. 

NOT a workout. 

But a conversation between two people. 

We call this a  consultation.  

It’s free and it’s with one of our wonderful Coaches. 

What happens here? 

We get to know one another.

We have a ton of questions we want to ask you to better understand you, your goals, your background as well as what you’re looking for and why.

This helps us better understand the human being across from us. 

And with your responses this helps us learn about you and if we are the best fit for you to achieve what you are looking for.

And if we believe we aren’t, we will gladly refer you to where we think you would be,.

We answer any and all questions you have. 

The onboarding process, pricing, schedule you name it. 


We believe it’s a huge disservice to just throw you into a workout without knowing anything about you. 

Without knowing anything about your body.

Your coachability.

Your background. 

Any limitations your body has or even fear you may have. 

We have made this mistake in the past, and believe this only sets you up for failure. 

Getting Started:

Part 2: 1 on 1 Training 

How important is your own safety to you?

It’s very important to us. We take what we do serious and are professionals.

If you’re looking specifically for personal training or looking to enter a group fitness environment (whether that’s our 50+ up class L.I.F.E or our Group CF Classes) everyone starts with Personal Training. 


  • Throughout our sessions we get to teach you the basics and introduce you to new movement patterns and at your pace.
  • We teach you how to perform these movements safely and throughout this entire process we are learning about your body (flexibility, mobility, limitations, strength) and your current fitness level. 

This better helps us understand YOU. 

  • We begin the process of building a coach & athlete relationship. 

A pivotal relationship that will ultimately be your guide to continued success.

  • You learn our teaching process.  And not to mention how everything we do can be customized and tailored specifically to each individual. 
  • We run your body through a full body movement assessment. 

This is further our understanding of your current range of motions as well as any limitations we need to be aware of as your coach.

This is a critical step in safety, knowing what positions are safe to put you in. 

  • We also devote a session to providing a LAW (Lifestyle, Accountability and Wellness) Session.

Where we have you hop on our in body machine, learn about your bodies breakdown (water, skeletal muscle, body fat mass, dry lean mass and body fat percentage!)

Together we’ll unpack eating habits, behaviors, decisions and begin the process of expanding on your one-hour fitness class or 1:1 sessions and we spread to the other 23 hours in your day. 

It is how we guide you to achieve the results you’re looking for faster and improve your overall healthy lifestyle through habit focused coaching. 

It is also how we coach you outside of the gym to optimize, improve and accelerate the time you spend in the gym or enjoying more out of life on your terms.

Getting Started:

Part 3: Integration 

If your goal is Group fitness classes or L.I.F.E (50+) once you graduate from your personal training sessions you begin the integration process. 

You enter the group environment. 

Think about integration like stages of development of a child:

When you’re in the infancy stage (1-3 months)

  • you’re learning the terminology,
  • movements
  • movement patterns,
  • and your own fitness gears as you build your fitness base. 

Here you’ll be meeting new people, facing new challenges and showing up consistently will be key! 

Your coaches will always be taking care of you. 

After 90 days, you move into the toddler stage

  • From here you are progressing in all areas to include your own understanding of yourself. 
  • Your comfort level with movements has grown exponentially.
  • You’ve improved and continually improving habits outside the gym.
  • You’ve developed bonds and friendships.

Somewhere around the 6 month mark+, moving right along we enter the preschool stage

  • The cognitive changes,
  • The physical changes
  • and the mental improvements are all coinciding
  • and the synergy is strong. 

From there we move into adulthood, where it becomes about

  • Self awareness
  • Consistency
  • Micro daily goals/improvements
  • Maturity
  • Physical and Mental health

and treating fitness like watering a plant daily.

By the consistency and hard work put in the gym, 

Embracing the benefits out of the gym through an improved lifestyle.

Common Questions: 

I am new to CrossFit? New to Lifting? Is this okay for me? 



The personal training is self paced and we meet every individual where they are at and tailor the session(s) to meet the needs of the individual. 

We understand there are a ton of fears, apprehensions for those just starting out and learning.

We are happy to be a part of your self-betterment journey and will be your guides to develop self-trust and confidence. 

Each session (and eventual class) we will take care of you

What if I have Years of “Lifting” Experience? 


To us this means you have some great experience/background behind you.


That can come in hand with some of the movements you’ll see in the future. 

We still recommend the consultation process and one on one entry.


In simplest terms: your safety.

Beyond that, coachability, checking our own egos and always being open to learning are paramount to enter our culture. 

If your mindset is you have lifting experience so you feel it’s unnecessary to do one on one to safely enter a group environment you’re already presenting an ego and ability to be above coaching that represents to us we may not be the best fit for each other.

We check our ego’s everyday at the door. 

We remain coachable every single day and open to learning something new each and every day. 

Lifting experience is great, however we know nothing about HOW you lift.

We’ve met plenty of folks who fit this category who moved poorly or due to previous lifting had extremely poor mobility challenging a lot of other movements. 

We have a ton to teach you as CrossFit is broad in its array of things we do each week, month and year from gymnastics, to olympic lifting, to cardio (bike, row, ski, jump rope) to dumbbells, kettlebells and everything in between. 

What if I have previous CF Experience? 



You likely have a solid base behind you!

We still want to start with the consultation process to ensure our values align in what you’re looking for and we deliver. 

As CF gyms can be similar in an amazing workout, most CF gyms differ in their approach.

Let’s chat first before we take any steps beyond that.

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