Why 1 on 1 First?

by Coach Shawn

Imagine for a moment you didn’t know how to swim.

You could conceptualize loosely what you should do in your mind but were still without the knowledge of technique and what to actually do.

Now imagine you get tossed in the middle of a turbulent ocean, full of waves and are miles away from shore.

This in my opinion is what it’s like to have people go straight to class without a safe on-boarding process. 

I’ve made this mistake with people in the past. 

It makes the already vulnerable experience that beginning or continuing your fitness journey is – extremely overwhelming. 

And sadly if/when that overwhelm becomes too much which in this case would be very easy for it to be immediately, you don’t continue. 

And that is not the goal. 


After an initial FREE CONSULTATION where we sit down, 

get to know you, 

your goals, 

some of your background 

and where you want to be moving towards 

(all extremely important and pertinent information for your journey) 

We then move to 1 on 1 training.

1 on 1 = You and Your Coach 

Whether 1 on 1 is where you want to train for the fastest results and comfort and schedule purposes, 


You want to eventually join a group class,

Everyone starts in a 1 on 1 setting. 

Here a bunch of important things take place:

  • Begin to build a relationship 
  • Teach you how to safely and properly move (from bodyweight movements to weighted movements)
  • Take things you’ve never done or have been exposed to and introduce you to them slowly to build your comfort and competence level.
  • You begin to build self trust in your body (confidence in self, in movement, without the use of a mirror)
  • Learn and help educate you about your own body (it’s strength, it’s limitations etc)
  • Begin the building blocks of how to become coachable.

Which is taking feedback and applying it to improve the quality and integrity of movement and/or positions. 

All on top of challenging yourself, getting in a great workout and enjoying the process along the way.

These things are crucial for the development and safety of an individual who is looking to build a sustainable fitness program that can deliver results. 

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