What Does CrossFit Cost? 

By Coach Shawn 

This is a common question we often get when it comes to inquiring about beginning a fitness journey.

The real answer is, It depends. 

Why does it depend? 

1- We have 3 different programs at Railroad. 

2- People’s goals and paths are different. 

3- How much of a service or services are utilized. 

Here’s what you need to know…

#1 – Railroad CrossFit does not Equal Planet Fitness 

You’re not paying for access to a gym or gym equipment. 

You’re paying for Coaching. 

Coaching can come in the form of 

  • Personal Training (1 on 1) 
  • Group Training 
  • Nutrition Coaching 

Most people are familiar and associate a very cheap price when they think or hear of the term “gym.”

This is large in part to access type facilities.

While it’s great to have access to equipment whenever we like, 

The Truth Is 
-Most people don’t know how to train to get results…
-Aren’t sure how to do movements safely so they won’t do them…
-Resort to walking on a treadmill
-Lose motivation to go do that 
And then settle for throwing away $10/month out of their bank account. 

#2- You’re Paying For Coaching. 

Everything is taken care of for you under a Coach.

  • How to warm up properly, how to prepare movements, how to strategize, pace a workout.
  • How to move safely, then more efficient.
  • How to progress in strength, develop self trust under a barbell, or with dumbbells/kettlebells etc.
  • Workout programs are designed in advance to get continued results and progress.
  • Class plans are built by your Coach (nothing is just done by “winging it”)
  • Classes or Personal Training sessions are structured and every minute accounted for.
  • A training environment you can see continued results with that you are enjoying.

Things you aren’t even considering are taken into consideration: improving your range of motion, balance, posture, mindset and resilience to challenges. 

#3- You’re Investing 

You could look at paying for Personal Training session, Group CrossFit membership or Nutrition Coaching as an expense.

A better way to view what you’re doing is you’re investing. 

You’re investing in your health.
You’re investing in your well-being.
You’re investing in your happiness. 
You’re investing in your longevity.
You’re investing in your self esteem.

You may experience the following:

radical shift in self confidence,

increase in happiness,

better moods,

sleeping better,

eating better,

losing body fat,

and gaining lean muscle tissue,

improved sex drive,

mental resilience to life’s demands and challenges,

There’s a brutal phrase out there that goes something like,

You can pay now (investing in yourself) 
You can pay later (with obesity, sickness, disease etc.)

Interested in investing in yourself? 

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