Understanding Your Body Better

By Coach Shawn 

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Back then…

Remember when you were a kid or teenager and your body was so resilient?

You could take a spill and be fine. You had flexibility and mobility without even trying. 

You likely never experienced stiffness, pain or the general aches and pains. 

You could eat whatever you wanted and wouldn’t gain weight?

You didn’t even to work out and could keep in shape or a figure you were happy with?

But then it changes one day… 

As we get older, that flexibility and mobility seems to go away.

The weight comes on easy.

Trying to exercise feels like climbing Mount Everest.

What happened?

You hit your early to mid 30’s and all the sudden you’re waking up more stiff, sore or achy than you ever had. 

You go to grab something out of the backseat of your car and then all the sudden your shoulder doesn’t feel right. 

Or you bend down or twist the wrong way and your back feels out of commission. 

You gained that 5,10 or 15lbs easily in a year and clothes don’t fit the same way.

We are all guilty of allowing too much time to go by where we…

  • didn’t develop a healthy relationship with exercising regularly.
  • didn’t stretch enough and keep good length in our muscle tissues.
  • didn’t build the behaviors and habits of quality nutrition intake full of anti-inflammatory, high nutrient foods.
  • sat way too much. 
  • took in too many of the foods and beverages that we should have taken in more moderation.  
  • put our health and wellness on the back burner by putting other things in front of our own health for too long.

The way we sugar coat this… 

Most people will sum up these feelings or experiences with the phrase “I’m getting old.” 

Yes & No. 

Aging changes things of course.  

  • Metabolism slows. 
  • You’ll likely develop wrinkles. 
  • You might experience a slight loss in hearing or even vision.
  • Natural changes in cell growth & development. 
  • Information process slows as we get older

These are all biological. 

What most people have trouble admitting and owning is the aging process ailments they feel are reflections of their life choices and own behavior related. 


  • I’m always stiff.
  • My (insert any body part) hurts. 
  • Muscle loss. 
  • Weight gain. 
  • Always stressed. 
  • Generally unhappy. 

If we are really going to begin to create the opportunity for change, 

We need to be honest and accountable with ourselves first. 

We created these problems for ourselves.

You realize you need to change… 

Gone are the days of invincibility and a naturally pliable body that needs no attention, maintenance or daily tlc (tender love and care.)

Gone are the days of eating whatever you want and seeing no changes in your body. 

Gone are the times where we can sit for 6-8+ hours a day and not be affected by that. 

Gone are the days where you don’t need to exercise or workout. 

The future is up to us 

These behavioral issues we all cause and create for ourselves do not have to be our path ahead.

We can change.

I’ve single handedly seen it done countless times.

Unfortunately most people will never break out of their patterns and conditioning. 

They can of course. 

It takes commitment to change.

It takes living in the state of determination. 

Wanting the pleasure of the result they want (no more aches and pains, the weight loss etc) more than accepting the way things currently are as a way of life. 

Our futures our up to us.

Through the Railroad Method, we help people break the patterns, conditioning they’ve set and help guide them to the path of a more rewarding, fulfilling and happier and healthier lifestyle.

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