How To Be A Better Person In 10 Steps [part 2]

By Shawn

(Part 2: Steps 6-10)

Continuing off, here are steps 6-10 On How to Be A Better Person. 

#10 is MUST!

6- Upgrade Your Language & Actively Change The Narrative.

What we communicate becomes our experience. 

This is why everyone’s own “reality” is different. 

So easily we can mis-label or mis-represent something, making it appear or feel worse than it really is.

I’ve been guilty of this too. 

Saying things like “this sucks” or “that sucked!” 

How empowering is this? For you or anyone around you? 

We must ACTIVELY work to improve our narrative and labeling. 

“That sucked” becomes “That was difficult.” 

And yes I can do difficult things! 

7- Find The Opportunities In Adversity or Challenges.

Reframe how you see adversity or challenges. 

If there is one thing certain about life, it is that life is uncertain.

That we will find challenges and adversity along our journey. 

A lot of us get in the headspace of allowing these things to completely take control of us and our emotions.

“Why me!?”

“None of these companies want to hire me.”

“I didn’t hit the number I wanted to in the gym today.” 

These are all challenges and the way we combat this survival brain and embrace the adversity is asking ourselves

better questions.

“What am I being called to learn here?”

“What’s great about this?”

“What could be great about this?”

“How can I look at this in a more empowering way?”

“How will my best self show up in the midst of this challenge?” 

8- Fill Your Jar (aka your day) With The Rocks First, Sand And Water Last. 

Do you understand the analogy?

Fill your day with the IMPORTANT things first. 

Make time for a self care morning routine, map out your nutrition for the day, plan when you will exercise, determine what time you’re picking up the kids, you get the idea. 

NOT answering emails right away, scrolling through social media, or simply filling “busy” yet unproductive time. 

If it’s helpful, plan the day ahead for the following day. 

Eliminate decisions (cut decision fatigue from the occasion) eliminate the chances of making poor nutritional choices, skipping your workout, all things you’ll end up regretting later. 

Important things first – then fill in the rest. 

9- Master The Art of Letting Go. 

You know you’re becoming a better person when the little things no longer rattle you or stir any sort of reaction.

If you’re the type of person who reacts to every single little thing (ie: the music goes out during your workout, you get an unexpected bill in the mail, you’re stuck behind “that” driver on your way to work, you forgot to respond to an email, you didn’t get a call/text from so-n-so, then you are living your life in reaction mode

Aka you are at the constant mercy of your surroundings, environments and other people. 

Living in reaction mode is allowing the “things” of life to control you. 

Not the way to a happy, fulfilled life. 

And this type of person is EXTREMELY draining to be around. 

We need to ask ourselves more, 

“will this even matter 3 months from now? A year from now?”

Take a breath or two or 10. 

And realize, in the end, it will all be okay. 

There is no big deal. 

When we let go faster, we put down the invisible weight we carry with us everywhere we go. 

10- Live With Intention. 

A lot of people just go through the motions of life.

Embrace routine, do what their parents told them to or expected of them.

They react impulsively and have no regard or thought for why they are actually doing something. 

When you live with intention you know your reason for doing whatever it is your doing. 

You have clear PURPOSE. 

We need to continually ask ourselves…

“What’s my reason for doing X?”

“What’s my reason for saying X?”

Intention falls in line with who-you-are. 

Your values, your beliefs and your rules of this life. 

Intention is everything. 

Living without intention is to live for others, live for the praise or responses of others and to lack direction and vision. 

We must get clear on who it is we are, where we are going, why that matters to us and then everything we do comes from intention.

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