Meet one of our Personal Training clients: Gavin! …


After frequent travel,

no real plan or structure for his fitness and health, Gavin was not feeling great in his body.

He came to us for the following ⬇️

✅Build muscle.

✅Get stronger for a physical job.

✅Personal Accountability.

✅Structure for his workouts.

✅Radically Improve his health.


For Coaching to be most effective, it’s combining the work in and out of the gym with a high compliance rate.

Starting in July of 2023, he achieved 72 Personal Training sessions! 🚨

Driving 45 minutes one way. ‼️

On top of traveling to Philly and across the globe with a demanding work schedule. 🌎

Where is he now? ⬇️


✅Added lean muscle tissue to his frame.

✅ He’s stronger in every part of his body

✅ Significantly improved his balance & coordination.

✅ Developed much healthier eating habits.

✅ Trusts in his bodies capabilities.

✅ His Physical work is easier.

We are proud of and pumped for Gavin and his progress so far, and can’t wait to see what new heights he sets in 2024!

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