In my gym, your failures, your past they don’t matter…

By Coach Shawn

My gym doesn’t care about your former gym.

My gym doesn’t care about that spin class you quit, 

the meditation you hated, or the treadmill you bought yet only used as a clothes rack.

My gym doesn’t care about what you benched in high school or that you were in “way better shape” before you had kids. 

My gym isn’t here to punish you for the pizza and drinks you polished off over the weekend.

My gym doesn’t care if you haven’t worked out in over a year. 

Or maybe even a decade or more. 

My gym doesn’t care about your wardrobe, your tattoos or your past mistakes. 

My gym couldn’t give two 💩 about your past mistakes.

If it did, it wouldn’t let me in either.

But, my gym does expect you to show up.

My gym does expect you to be friendly, coachable and care about others around you. 

To commit to the entirely structured hour of self care carved out just for you. 

Where everything is taken care of for you.

My gym expects you to be present, communicate and put forth effort. 

And my gym misses you when you’re AWOL.

My gym acknowledges where you’re starting from and supports where you want to go. 

My gym is full of friendship, accountability, personal achievement 

and earned physical and mental resilience that makes you and your entire life better.

Each day is a new day in my gym. 

A new opportunity, to learn, to grow and to be better. 

Yesterday’s numbers don’t matter. 

Today is a new day.

My gym celebrates what you CAN do NOW.

What you can do TODAY. 

And you deserve that hour. 

Really, you deserve it.

Come with me and enjoy the journey.

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