The Motivation Is Built In.

By Coach Shawn

How am I in better shape at 36 than I was at 19?

It’s not the weights I have at home.

It’s not the program on my computer.

It’s not the motivation in my head.

It’s not the supplements in my bag.

It’s not the equipment in my gym.

It’s the people I have in my life.

What gets me great fitness results? 

It’s not my extreme passion for feeling discomfort (ha) 


Because of “great” genetics (bigger Ha!) 

It’s not even my self discipline. 

It’s this:

“I’ll be at the 4:15 pm tomorrow Shawn, see ya then??”


“Which class are you hitting your squats in later today??”

Being Coached

My Coach will check in before the class, “how’s your shoulder feeling today?”

As well as during the class, “how’s that feeling? As we progress throughout. 

To check in, to know to make any pivots based on my needs. 

Because she cares and wants me to be pain free. 

My Coach will also provide me with the belief she sees and knows is within me and pushes me where I need to. 

“I think you’ve got another 10lbs in you today if you feel up to it!”

Makes the slightest tweaks to my movement to optimize my progress. 

“Right before you go to pick up your next rep, drop your butt a little bit more and pick your chest up.” 

The People

I built Railroad into what it is to give people in Hudson and surrounding areas 

the value of all of this care-centered-coaching,

longevity based programming/training,

and unrivaled atmosphere and peer-support. 

The coaches are top-notch; 

The equipment is incredible. 

But the REAL value is in the other people in the gym.

The atmosphere builds camaraderie, recognition and acknowledges effort at every level.

Forges friendships and meaningful connections. 

Has built in accountability. 

People want to see you at class.

Get excited to see you and workout with you.

and care if you’re not there.


If you’re nervous, we’ll help you.

If you do something for the first time, we’ll celebrate with you.

If you don’t show up, we email you.

You don’t have to create your own routine or worry about “what to do” to get results.

It’s all taken care of for you, from the well thought out programming to the daily Coaching.

You just have to show up. 

You don’t have to buy pre-workout drinks or listen to “pump-up music.”

The motivation is built in.

Fun customizable workouts, great supportive people and compounding results.

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