CrossFit For Sport versus for Health & Fitness

By Coach Shawn

I’ve personally been involved with and doing CrossFit since 2011. 

When I first started CrossFit, I quickly fell in love with the challenge, the training, the results and the variety.

I fell even more in love when I found out there’s a sport side to this whole thing you can compete in.

I used to train CrossFit for performance

What does that mean? 

Training to compete and or be competitive at the sport side.

To do this – is a large sacrifice.

To your time, to your loved ones and to your body.

You must have it all.

Be as fit as possible.

As strong as possible.

As skilled as possible.

A world class aerobic capacity.

Back then, I trained multiple sessions a day.

Early in the morning. Late into the night.

I wanted it. I wanted to compete at the high levels. 

To do so you have to be good at the movements that you’ll see at the competitive levels. 

Like high skill gymnastics (ring / bar muscle ups, handstand push-ups/walking, one legged squats, chest to bar pull-ups…)

Olympic weightlifting (snatching heavy, snatching fast, clean and jerks…)

And not to mention ungodly strength.

Never quite got that one…

The sport side is a sight to be seen. 

It is truly remarkable what athletes do.

And while I will always look back and appreciate my time competing, the countless training hours, the training partners along the way…

That vision of training to compete and running my business with the high focus on getting good at the performance side left me long ago. 

Health and Fitness

Today, at Railroad we train CrossFit and utilize it as a methodology for health and fitness. 

Not competition.

We focus on building muscle,

building strength

improving upon that strength daily and weekly,

Losing body fat,

Maintaining a healthy weight,

Building mental resilience.

All with a foundation paved in longevity.

Mentoring the healthy lifestyle habits for a longer happier life.

Said simpler, the strongest, happiest healthiest you. 

This came with the removal of movements you only need to be good and train to compete at the sport side of CrossFit.

The basics – squatting, pressing, deadlifting, pulling and carrying, which we can all do and are the building blocks to the best foundational strength and resistance training.

And reduces the risks of injury that the high skill or wide demands the sport side puts on the average person.


I wanted to shift to a long term sustainable approach not only for my training but for all my members and those who come to our business for help. 

So we prioritize strength and conditioning training blocks that rotate throughout the year.

Strength building phases into muscle building phases.

And depending on times of the year – add a little more conditioning or a little less.

Sprinkle in tempo work, rehabilitation work and fun ways this is all done and performed.

Pair that all with with caring and structured Coaching, teaching and guidance.

With the goal of delivering on exceptional class experiences each day… 

and having built one amazing and friendly culture and community.

Our mission is to help people to live longer,

feel good along the way in their bodies

and continually make progress to live the life they want on their terms.

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