The Ripple You Create

By Coach Shawn

Part of our vision at Railroad is to create, enhance and spread the ripple effect.

And to do so in a positive, impactful and life changing way.

Everything affects everything. 

Knowing that through all a persons collective experiences at Railroad.

Through being a forever student who’s Coached, guided and taught.

Who is supported, loved and held up by their peers.

That same person who walked in…

Will never leave the same.

They become an upgraded version of themselves.

Now stronger, fitter and happier.

The ripple effect is…

  • Life is easier.
  • I eat healthier.
  • Understand my body better.
  • Understand food better.
  • Make better choices. 
  • Have less aches and pains.
  • I feel more comfortable in my skin.
  • I am more mentally fit and resilient.
  • I sleep better.
    I am more confident.
  • I feel generally better. 
  • I love and trust myself more.
  • I am more open minded.
  • I am more supportive. 
  • I am humble.
  • I know I can do difficult things.
  • I am resilient.
  • I see more good in the world. 
  • I wake up earlier.
  • I love better.
  • I have more energy. 
  • I radiate better energy.
  • I’m a better partner, parent, sibling or son/daughter.
  • I’m a better person.

The effect is like going from black and white to color tv. 

A whole new lens and perspective on life. 

The effect leaves a lasting touch on their own life and all those they interact with. 

The ripple effect is so powerful that how an individual feels can ripple through his or her own social groups and influence that group and how that entire group feels.

Decisions that people within those social group make.

Actions they take.

To better their own lives.

Inspired by the ripple effect of their person.

The effect does not stop with only those who choose to invest in their personal health and fitness specifically at Railroad CrossFit.

It ripples into all the lives they interact with, touch and experience. 

And that positive impact is part of our vision.

What kind of ripple are you creating?

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