Blog: In Great Hands

by Coach Shawn

Figure it out?

After a long hard day at work, you decide to go to the gym.

You don’t know what the workout of the day is. 

You walk in, read the whiteboard.

It has some movements written that you know and some you have no idea about.

You’re a little confused about the flow of it and some of the terminology.

And then you see it…

Written in big letters next to the workout… “warm up on your own.”

There is no Coach on the floor. People are all doing their own various things.

You’re confused. A little anxious and overwhelmed.

Thinking to yourself…what should I even do? For how long should I do it?  How do I know if it’s enough? 

10 minutes later the trainer appears.

“Alright get your stuff out for the workout. Grab a barbell, box and a kettlebell.”

Confused again. You simply just follow along. 

You get a quick brief of what the workout is. Are only told the prescribed movements (some which you can’t do) and are told to start warming up the workout movements. 

Again on your own. 

Confused, you just look at what others are doing. 

Let me stop here.

Could you imagine if this was your experience? Why would you ever come back? 

When you enlist in a Coaching based gym – you enlist in all of those problems being solved for you.

This is NOT how it’s done at Railroad. 

Here’s our process at Railroad: 

Before The Class Preparation:

  • Before every single class your Coach has prepared in advance by writing a lesson plan. 
  • This is a map of how they are going to run the entire hour of class. 
  • They’ve prepared their class flow of how they’re going to run the class [structure] their teaching points, adjustments, class timeline, progressions, logistics to name a few things. 
  • They’re already ahead because they are prepared. 

Coach Led Warm Up:

  • Every single class we take a specific amount of time (3-10 min) where the Coach will lead the entire group through a Coach led General Warm up.
  • Why? #1 – Safety. To safely prepare the body for what we are about to do that day.
  • Increase core temperature, loosen and open the body, elevate the heart rate. 
  • Another unwritten benefit is improving range of motion while training motor patterns that enhance a person’s ability to better understand their own body. 

Systemized Board Brief – 

  • Wing it at the white board? Not here. We have a systemic white board delivery.
  • We have specific information we want to deliver, in a certain order, at a certain speed for maximum understanding and comprehension. 
  • New here? No worries we break everything down and ramp up in the next part.
  • Veteran? This is where they extract important information to better help guide them towards the stimulus and best results. 

Coach Led Specific Movement Breakdown / Practice / Refine:  

  • We break everything down into digestible parts. 
  • We’ll demo – visual reference. Then we’ll break it down (without taking the floor in a monologue) to what you need to know, ie: where do my feet go, where do my hands go, what should my set up position look like?
  • We then will progress up in drills or progressions. Furthering movement practice, efficiency and mastery. 
  • This is where we sharpen our swords. 

Build / Practice / Ramp Up: 

  • Now it’s time to practice what we learned before the strength or the workout of the day. This is a time window where the Coach roams the floor checking on everyone’s movement.
  • Their eyes look for → SafetyInefficiency – What You’re Doing Well. In that order. 
  • New? This is a time to slowly build and practice. 
  • Veteran? This is your time to practice, ramp up and refine. 
  • Everyone is seen, watched and if needed – fixed, cued or Coached. 

The Work – 

  • This is where fitness / strength happens.
  • You put in the work 

Team Celebration & Team Clean Up:

  • Once everyone is done with Strength and/or Fitness (not just you) we go into a team celebration – high fives, good jobs, smiles and pride in the effort in the room.
  • Once everyone is done with Strength and/or Fitness (not just you) we go into a team clean up – helping each other put all the equipment away. Wipe down what we need to as a group. 

Coach Led Cooldown Stretch:

  • Could you imagine everyone finishing in different places in a workout and just grabbing their stuff and leaving?? Not here. 
  • Once we’ve cleaned up – the coach leads the group through a cooldown stretch.
  • Targeting muscles we worked and a decompression coming off whatever we did that day.
  • If we’re honest, most people aren’t caring for their body in terms of enough stretching, mobility or recovery work. 

This is how our Coaching staff operates day in and day out.

So each session our community of people can come in, count on a professional to take the guess work out of how to stay safe, get stronger, fitter and make progress. All the problem solving is out out of their hands from what to do, how long to warm up, how to adjust a movement even to how to stay motivated (the group dynamic or personal training accountability) provide that.

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