Your Relationship With Food

By Shawn McQueen

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What do you think?

Have you ever thought about your relationship with food?

Where was it formed? And how did you come to believe and feel the things you do currently?

What thoughts or feelings are linked to childhood or a particular memory or feelings?

Like anything, awareness is the first step towards change and improvement.

Quick Back Story

Growing up, my parents divorced when I was very young. Our Dad picked us up every 2 weeks on the weekends to have time together.

My mom and him had a rocky relationship even in divorce. With limited time each month, our Dad wanted nothing more than to make my brother and I happy.

Food wise this would come in the form of pizza nights at his apartment. The occasional candy or “treat” for when we’d go fishing. And the almost routine, fast food on the way home every Sunday back to mom’s.

Looking back on the many years of this, I truly never understood why.

It wasn’t until I recently asked my dad why we always did those things.

His response was “that’s what you and your brother expressed you wanted and I knew it made you happy.”

If you look at what’s occurred not from the place of judgement but from a place of understanding you’d recognize my dad simply wanted to see his kids happy with the short time he had with us.

And food was one of those ways to connect.

He did the best he could with what he knew at the time.

Ask yourself:

How easy would it be for me as an adult to continue those patterns set from childhood?

Looking at your current understanding of nutrition, where did it come from?

Who taught you how to eat healthy? Who taught you what healthy eating even is?

What did food look like for you growing up in your household?
(Where most of our conditioning and patterns were set!)

Knowing and understanding that life is the journey of constant improvement and development, has our thinking, and knowledge around what we should be eating to feel energized, look good and live a long life evolved?

Do we eat in healthy balance?

The Lack of Our Awareness

Or are we still stuck in those patterns of impulse or eating for pleasure responses only?

Lacking the understanding of how and what to eat to look and feel good regularly?

Possibly even labeling healthy food terms that turn us away from even opening up to them.

(ie: “bland” or “boring” or “no taste.”)

Are we still triggered and emotional eating?

That almost always leads to over consumption and weight gain on top of the loss of feeling like ourselves?

What do I do?

Awareness is the first step.

Taking action is the second.

Desire to take action is not difficult. Consistent action is where most struggle.

If you are struggling or have struggled for too long in this area of your life, we can help.

We specialize in meeting people where they are at and helping them develop the habits to get their relationship with food, their mind and body on the right track.

If you are tired and ready to commit to changing, we are committed to holding you accountable.

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