Why Starting Your Day with 50+ Grams of Protein Matters 

by Coach Shawn

Front Loading

Your morning routine sets the pace for the rest of your day, and what you eat for breakfast plays a pivotal role in

  • how you feel,
  • your decisions,
  • behaviors,
  • as well as your overall well-being. 

While grabbing a sugary cereal, bagel, or indulging in carb-heavy pastries might seem convenient in the moment, it often leads to energy crashes and cravings later on. 

However, by learning the skill of front-loading your first meal with 50+ grams of protein, you can unlock a multitude of benefits that fuel your body and mind for success.

Benefits of Front-Loading with Protein:

Appetite Control and Weight Management: 

Protein has a satiating effect that keeps hunger at bay and reduces the likelihood of overeating later in the day. 

Prioritizing protein in your morning meal helps you stay on track with your weight management goals by curbing cravings and promoting feelings of fullness.

Increased Fullness and Reduced Cravings: 

Protein is known for its ability to help you feel full and for longer periods which reduce the likelihood of overeating later in the day. 

By prioritizing protein in your first meal, you can curb cravings and maintain better control over your food choices throughout the day.

Sustained Energy Levels: 

Protein provides a steady source of energy that lasts longer than quick-fix carbohydrates.

While sweets, cereals and such may be tasty at the moment, they send you on a rollercoaster which eventually leads to a crash. 

Starting your day with a protein-rich meal keeps you feeling alert and focused throughout the morning, without the mid-morning slump.

Improved Mood and Focus: 

Protein-rich breakfasts support neurotransmitter function, helping to enhance mood and cognitive function. 

By fueling your brain with protein early in the day, you can tackle tasks with clarity and concentration.

Muscle Maintenance and Repair: 

Breakfasts high in protein support muscle maintenance and repair, which is essential for individuals leading active lifestyles or engaging in regular exercise. 

By kickstarting muscle protein synthesis early in the day, you set the stage for optimal recovery and growth.


Most people are under-eating protein and overeating carbs and fats.  Carbs and fats are energy macronutrients. Consumed in excess, those additional calories convert to unwanted body fat. 

Front Loading with ample protein and continuing that pattern of prioritizing protein helps you eat less of extra unwanted calories.

“But I just love my cereal.” 

Consequences of Starting with Sugar or Carbs:

When you opt for a breakfast loaded with sugar or heavy in carbohydrates, you may experience:

Energy crashes and fatigue: 

High-sugar breakfasts lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar levels followed by crashes, leaving you feeling drained and lethargic.

Increased cravings: 

Carb-heavy breakfasts fail to provide lasting satisfaction, leading to mid-morning cravings for more sugary or starchy foods.

Mood swings and irritability:

Fluctuations in blood sugar levels can impact mood stability, leaving you feeling irritable or moody throughout the day.

Lowered Self Confidence 

As the empty calories add up from the sugary and / or carbs starting our day, impulse and bad decisions follow. And as a result over time our weight goes up and we add unnecessary body fat. 

And what goes down is how good we feel about ourselves. 

So how do we begin to change that? 

Well, it starts with how you start your day. 

And tomorrow, I am going to teach you how to Front Load. 



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