Who are Group Fitness classes for?

What’s beautiful about group fitness classes is the diversity of people, ages, abilities, sexes and backgrounds. 

Because none of that matters in group class. 

The culture created is one of cohesion.  

A shared experience of betterment. 

Unrivaled motivation by looking left and right and seeing other people challenging themselves just like you.

The felt unification of propelled momentum towards continued progress.

And what’s universal is effort. 

And effort equals respect. 

So who are group fitness classes at Railroad for? 

Group classes at Railroad are for:

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Those who want, desire and are opening to learning, growing and being challenged every single day

Regardless of experience level or the years they’ve been coming

They view each day as an opportunity to get better and follow their coaches’ lead in how to. 


Group classes are for those who have respect. Respect for their peers, coaches, equipment and the policies.


They are a good human being who sees the bigger picture.  The culture being created, the systems in place for an exceptional experience, treating the gym and the things within it like their second home. 

That yes you are in pursuit of your individual goals but doing so in a group environment is more about a “we” than “me” mindset.


Those who are consistent in showing up. 

Consistent with coming to class, week to week, month to month. 

And consistent with who they are within class. 


Those who are always open and receptive to feedback (aka being coachable!)

Regardless of movement, skill, experience level, you always a student to the game of learning.

They have the mentality that there is ALWAYS room to improve, no matter the margin and know that feedback is delivered to keep them safe and make them better.


Those who make the classes better by simply being in them. 

Whether that’s kind to others, great energy, upbeat or a hard worker who elevates others. 

Those who can adopt, live and reinforce Railroad’s culture & values:


Care – [care about you, your classmates, your coach, what you’re doing, the process etc]

Communicate – [to your coaches, your classmates, build friendships and relationships]

Consistency – [show up regularly, be consistent with your own personal state etc]

Coachable – [welcomes feedback, refinement, open and growth mindset, asks for help etc]

Complaint Free – [positive language, brings the morale  up, finds and speaks the good etc]


Those who don’t possess any severe limitations, injury or chronic pain

Reason being – group fitness classes aren’t designed to fix those.

If you are in pain or have severe limitations you are better in a 1:1 setting where a coach can begin to address your specific issue(s) and create a plan to work on it.

We don’t want the momentum of group classes and always adjusting movements to derail your joy, enthusiasm or spark for coming.  Ultimately halting your progress in your health and fitness. 


Those who have self discipline and are committed

We shouldn’t have to chase you down to get to class OR repeatedly check in on you outside the gym. There’s a level of self discipline/accountability and commitment required to do group. 

Those who lack that may be better working with a personal trainer (higher accountability) working out at home or changing their approach to something that works better for them. 


Group class is for those who will listen, adhere and trust the process

You have a team of professionals who take this very serious, from programming for your results, safety and long term health, to delivering a consistent world class experience down to how we communicate effectively.  

Help in making that hour smooth by listening, adhering and trusting the process and your coaches. 


Group class is for those who appreciate

A majority of us would not thrive with fitness on our own, at home, or left to figure it out ourselves. 

The LOCKDOWN proved how challenging that was for a majority of us. 

Group fitness is for those who are continually grateful for a slice out of their day, they can come to a place and everything is taken care of for them and there is a team who is always showing up FOR them in that hour. 

Because without it, we may not be the same person, of the same health, of the same strength or mental well being. 

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