What’s Possible in Just 6 Weeks? A Transformational Beginning… 

7 Weeks Ago – Email 

“My biggest struggle is probably what to eat to feel satisfied and full. 

Also, I find it confusing with all the information out there.

Everyone has something different to tell me, it gets confusing. 

I need to lose 80 lb and get my energy back.”

Losing Ourselves

Sometimes we get off the path towards the best version of ourselves and life we want to live.

We put everything and everyone in front of ourselves and as a result, our body, our weight and our own happiness suffers. 

We no longer recognize nor want to see that reflection in the mirror. 

We can continue down this path and continue to feel what we feel from this being our experience. 

Or, we can commit to making a choice. 

A choice to change.

A choice to recommit to ourselves. 

A choice to raise our standards.

A choice to get the help we need to live and lead the life we know is possible for ourselves. 


Imagine for a moment, going from…

Not working out at all…


Strength training twice a week at 545am in semi private personal training. 

Not knowing what to eat, being confused with all the information and making poor choice after poor choice 


Getting the help needed via a Coach and start understanding and improving on Nutrition habits. Like meal prepping, eating more protein and drinking more water.

Going away on a vacation or getaway trip only to go off the rails and come back home staying off the rails 


Enjoying a getaway with a loved one, staying on track with a few indulgences and coming home and immediately getting right back on track.


Not being able to navigate a shared household with different goals 


Effectively communicating and working together with your significant other, meeting each other’s needs in regards to your nutrition and health like never before. 


This is what’s possible and what occurred for our participants in our annual Nutrition Kickstart.

A 6 week Nutrition Habit focused event we run at the beginning of the year. 

Coming out of Halloween – to Thanksgiving – to Christmas – to New Years it’s very easy for us to lose our way with good nutrition.

During this time the average person gains 15lbs.  

The intent of the Kickstart is to bring together a group of people under the guidance, knowledge, support and accountability of a Coach who helps them improve in key areas of nutrition. 

At the beginning of the kickstart ‘kickoff’ seminar we take measurable progress via an in body scan giving us data your scale at home can’t.

Information that tells us a lot about our health.

We brought in two success stories of different people who, after focusing on their nutrition, made transformational success to their body, health and mind. 

Their Coach then leads an informative 60 min seminar including:

  • Our approach to Coaching Nutrition: Habits, Behavior & Strategies 
  • Objectives & Outcomes: “We want you to understand what healthy looks and feels like.”
  • In body Scan Data Breakdown
  • Setting GOALS 
  • The 6 Habits 
  • The Private FB Support/Accountability Group 
  • Answer FAQ

Over the course of the next 6 weeks – we take action into improving our health and habits surrounding nutrition. 

6 Weeks Later: 

Here’s what participants said in our close out seminar:

“I’m getting compliments!” 🙂
“I’m seeing results!”
“I’m sleeping better.”
“I have better energy.”
“I’m feeling so much better, not scrambling to put meals together. I’ve got meal prep down.”
“I’m eating better foods and feeling stronger.”
“I feel stronger in everyday life activities and within the gym and that feels really good. I improved a lift by over 20lb.”
“I’ve had no junk food or fast food in 6 weeks.”
“I’ve upped my fruit intake, which was non-existent 6 weeks ago!”
“I am now reading and understanding food labels for the first time in my life.”

The aura and energy in the close out seminar was vastly different than the kickoff. 

People after just 6 weeks are walking away:

  • Empowered,
  • Educated &
  • Energized. 


  • Healthier,
  • Happier
  • &
  • Looking and feeling good. 

The Beginnings of Transformation:

When we say enough is enough and we humble ourselves to ask for the help.

When we find the right people who commit to our progress and betterment and in the process we then commit to ourselves and betterment.

We experience results.

Remember the person who wrote to me about needing to lose 80lbs? 

They lost 8lb of body fat mass in the 6 weeks. 
10lbs total weight down. 
1/8 of the goal down already. 

What was most impressive I noticed was the difference in mentality.

The person today is not the same from 6 weeks ago.

They are empowered. 

They have raised their personal standards. 

They have drawn a line in the sand and said “it’s time for me.”

That’s what’s possible when you take consistent action, ask for help, get a coach and improve your beliefs, behaviors and ways of being. 

Coach Shawn

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