People Lie To Me All The Time

By Coach Shawn

When in our consultation process, when we get to the topic of Nutrition – things usually get pretty interesting. 

I am merely an observer at this point. 

Folks have shared with me their goals, their desires and what they want to achieve. 

Things like: 

“I want to lose weight.”

“I want to feel strong.”

“I want to lose 30lbs.”

“I want to feel good in my body.”


And then when we get to nutrition, 

I’ll always ask – tell me what your nutritions like. 

What does a day in the life of your eating look like?

9 out of 10 people always open with –

 “My nutrition’s actually pretty good…” 

and then proceed to share with me what that looks like. 

And the truth is, it is actually not good. 

It may have parts or small aspects that are good. 

But we’re lying to ourselves. 


It’s probably not even their fault. 

  • Advertisements tell you cereal is healthy and “snack bars” are healthy. 
  • We can’t count on schools to provide the proper nutritional education that can serve us.
  • There’s so much confusing and conflicting information out there. 
  • We live in a day and age where people want “drive-thru service” with everything we do – aka as quick and fast as possible and as cheap as possible.  

Then folks come to me – the guy that can help and they tell me “I’m good.” 

Yet here’s the truth – 

If you are not where you want to be, what you are doing is not working


Whether it’s Nutrition accountability or knowledge, or both people who aren’t where they want to be in their body would benefit in getting a Nutrition Coach.

Not for life.

For a time period where they can learn the basics with support, accountability and the proper education to set them up for success for life. 

A 6 month investment into yourself working under a Nutrition Coach has the power to dramatically course correct your life. 

From learning and building the appropriate habits, to losing the unwanted body fat and building the tools to succeed in an area where you will go on to make hundreds of thousands of decisions throughout the course of your life. 

Not to mention self esteem and self confidence, which will of course affect your overall life as well. 


If you are SERIOUS about not fully grasping 

  • What to regularly eat to feel good, 
  • How much to eat, 
  • Why you’re eating what you are, 
  • How it’s benefiting or not benefiting you…

And are looking to make strides in this area and your body – 

Book a FREE – INTRO on our home page or by clicking here to start the conversation of working with a Nutrition Coach for 6 months.

It will change your life. 

Like it changed Jeff’s.

Jeff was 350lbs in January of 2022.

Today April 2023 he’s 236 and 12% body fat.

Don’t keep stalling…

Time to take action.

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