How to Transform yourself

by Shawn McQueen


If you’ve been struggling with your mind and body for more time than you’d like to admit, than I know you’re experiencing one or more of these three things consistently…
  • Low Energy
  • Your body feels weaker than you’d like.
  • You can feel depressive at time.

And I know all those feelings because I’ve been there too.

I was there too

Back before I knew how to workout and actually desired to do it regularly and consistently, I too experienced all of these things.

I even once held the belief that If I lifted weights over a week I’d get stronger and see change that fast.

What I didn’t realize that it was my lack of exercise that was a huge contributor to all of these things.

And it was paired with lacking awareness and knowledge in good nutrition.

My Own Transformation

Luckily I had a person in my life who had overcome those things and had the energy, strength and mental wellness I desired, who took me under their wing.

This person literally helped transform my life.

To where I am now, a strong and self-confident adult.

And because of how he helped transform this insecure boy to this strong and self-confident adult it became my passion and obsession to help do that for others.

To help take them from the struggling mind and bodied person to the strong and self-confident adult.

We’ve fine tuned this process over our almost 10 years at Railroad.

And with our unique solution, you too can transform.

The Breakthrough Method

Our Breakthrough Method is built upon 5 unique layers.

1st – We get beyond the surface with people.

We ask questions to learn about who they are, what they’re about and why that’s important to them. We are looking to learn and understand their drivers, their needs and their pain points.

We are looking to understand them so we can communicate, teach them and help guide them to this better version of themselves.

2nd – We build and develop self-trust.

We all have insecurities and self limiting stories. Most of those hold us back from physical potential. We create a safe space to learn, develop and your bodies strength to manifest at the speed in which your comfortable.

Most people aren’t confident with what their bodies are capable of or can do.

We re-build this self trust and confidence begins to sky rocket.

3rd – We create empowering mindset shifts.

With relationships being formed, self-trust developed, the mind begins to declutter and new and improved ways of thinking and seeing yourself and the world begin to happen.

We’ve seen this time and and time again where self limiting stories shed away and people enter a growth-oriented mindset.

They become more positive, open to try new and difficult things and even look at adversity different.

4th – We focus on building lifestyles around longevity and vitality.

This happens daily from how the coaches plan well before the class or session, to how we perform our warm ups, movement progressions, coaching methods and even our cool-downs.

We build our training programs to help people achieve results, gain strength, fitness and increased health of course.

The over arching foundation under all of these is approaching it to be able to enjoy more out of life for the long haul.

5th – Achieve FREEDOM through fitness.

Everyone’s version of freedom is a little different but this concept remains the same: to be fully capable to live the life you want to.

For some that’s picking up, playing and keeping up with their kids.

For others it’s hiking a mountain on the weekends.

For some it’s the ability to do other activities like tennis.

For some it’s delaying the aging process and keeping functionality.

For all of us it’s the freedom to do those things on our terms and not be bound or limited.

Are you ready to transform yourself?

To reclaim the energy, to feel strong and capable within your body and resilient and healthy in your mind?

The version of yourself you didn’t know was possible is waiting…

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