Committing To Yourself

Success / Progress does not come from one thing yet a combination of many things over time. 

Yet, one thing can cause failure. 

A big one being = Inconsistency. 

In the gym we are doing something we really haven’t ever done at Railroad in our current training cycle. 

For about 6+ weeks your weekly training (with the exception of Thursday’s and Saturday’s) is exactly the same. 


The benefits of this weekly structure in the format we are performing are immense and at a CORE foundational level – what everyone needs:

  • Strength / stronger, more capable bodies. 
  • Hypertrophy aka new muscle gains which allow for more strength and BETTER looking bodies. 
  • Help promote fat loss due to the constant time under tension (negatives) 
  • Joint and tendon health, which allows our bodies to not only FEEL good but stay healthier for longer. 

It’s a short step away from what everyone is used to. And what everyone wants.

The week to week constant variance. 

No sweat, that will come back. 

Sometimes an important aspect of life is separating “wants” from “needs.”

How are you doing so far? 

2 weeks of the training cycle have come and gone, how’s your consistency been? 

Factor in a rest day (as we simply need a day or two off for recovery)

What’s your percentage of consistency? 


Person A – 10/12 training days = 83% 

Person B – 8/12 training days= 66% 

Person C – 4/12 training days= 33%

Person D – 2/12 training days= 17% 

Over a two week period – who would you say is on the path to the greatest return from training? 


If you have been consistent and are entering week three with steam I know you are already feeling progress. 

Progress in your body, in the daily lifts / sets. 

In your specific muscle groups.

In how your body feels.

And while weekly variance is one tool, consistency over time with similarity is simply another vehicle or tool. 

Both lead us to progress.


Also new for people is this notion that you do NOT need to add weight each week to a movement. 

Many people unfortunately live in this “pass or fail” or must add – add – add mentality or they tell themselves “I am not making progress.” 

And this is simply not true and a very limited way of thinking. 

Progress comes in MANY forms.

Adding load week to week is only one way.

No one is a perfect mover, no one is without their own imbalances or general weaker areas or muscle groups. 

EVERYONE could and will benefit from a level of consistency not only in regularly training 3-5x a week, but also in living in a similar load selection week to week. 

And this challenges how human beings view progress.

“But if the weights not going up, I’m not getting stronger?”


Where did you develop that belief?

I highly encourage all to revisit how you “view” or “measure” your own progress.

If it’s limited to weight increasing week to week you are severely limited and missing out in a lot of other areas.

And I also know how unhappy you can be if that’s the case.

Ask better questions, expand your way of thinking, be open minded (not closed) and trust your coaches and training.

What if you made the same weight over 3-6 weeks feel even easier from when you started?

That’s strength.

Improved mind- body connection.

That’s strength.

Which will carry over in more ways than you’d ever understand. 

Developed a better looking and feeling body?

That’s strength. That’s progress.

What is simple things in life are just that much easier.

That’s strength.

It is in our thinking around progress we must re-evaluate to realize simply by our continual effort we are on our way.


Because each session starts with a pre-hab for upper body and lower body we deliberately improve function, tissue health and the health of our shoulders/back and knees. 

This is an intentional effort to keep everyone healthier, safer and our bodies functioning and feeling better

Because everyone is moving to a negative cadence under load, bodyweight or band we are forced to use lighter weights (which can be humbling especially if you attach the idea that the only way to get strong is “more, more, more”) which help us improve our movements, where we are feeling the exercise (“Oh those are my hamstrings?”) and develop a stronger, healthier and more resilient body.

One that will look better.

One that will feel better.

One that will perform better.

And for those who care, when you enter a training cycle in a few months of many burpees, power cleans, wall balls etc your body is better able to withstand the dynamic rapid loaded movements. 

We call that winning. 


Two weeks in.

Don’t let “routine” stop you from committing to the process. 

Don’t let “I’ve done that workout” stop you from staying hungry.

It is never, ever about the end goal. 

Whatever that end goal is for you.

A heavier back squat. 

A better looking butt. 

A healthier shoulder. 

Attention from the opposite sex. 

If you’ve had success in different areas in your life you then know that it is never about the actual achievement. 

That happiness is short-lived. 

It’s always about the pursuit. The journey. The process. 

And some of those days and weeks aren’t going to be your best days or favorite days. 

It’s about you becoming along the way in the pursuit of something greater, of an improved version of self.

Commit to the process – enjoy the ride and trust the process.


If life has presented you with a challenge or a slight detour (ie: covid, family issue, travel, work, sick kids etc) manage the things you still have control over (sleep, nutrition, stress or personal state management) to the absolute best of your ability.

And commit to getting back on the path.

No journey is without its challenges, setbacks or unprepared occurrences.

How will your best self show up?

What do you need to do to get back to the level of consistency you feel best at?

Don’t let what is a small detour become something that completely derails your journey.

See you in class for some slow eccentrics with a smile. 

Coach Shawn

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