10 TRUTHS About Training, Nutrition & Your Body… 

By Coach Shawn

#1 – The Ever Moving Target…

Our body composition (fat, muscle, water) will always be changing and will continue to change across our life. 

The scale will fluctuate. The way our bodies look and feel will fluctuate. 

And that’s all perfectly normal. 

Sometimes we’ll carry more fat, 

sometimes we’ll be leaner, 

maybe even too lean, 

or maybe too heavy at times.  

Due to MANY reasons including: 

-Nutrition choices (good or not so good, excess or restriction), 

-Training frequency, or lack thereof, 

-Stress (cortisol, decreasing hunger, stress eating, increasing hunger) 

-Hormones (PMS, Low T, Poor Diet affecting testosterone, Menopause) 

-Sleep (broken, up all night, one good night, couldn’t fall asleep) 

-Alcohol quantities,

-Unaccounted calories (add this here, add that there, snack here, snack there)…

Just to name a few.

To look the way we all really want…

It would take discipline and sacrifices for a length of time that most of us aren’t willing to make. 

And that’s to even GET there.

Staying there is a whole nother ball game. 

& Here’s a scary but very real truth you must know: 

We’ll all likely NEVER ever truly be 100% satisfied with our bodies. 

The key is to find love and acceptance in every stage. 

Not get complacent, lose sight or completely throw in the towel, 

To do more of the right things most of the time, 

Find balance and enjoy the times we zag, 


to keep strong self love in all stages across our journey. 

#2 – AVOIDANCE Training = Lackluster Progress

Deliberately skipping days of training based on what reading the workout is or a lack of desire to do it or because you don’t like the movements will only keep your weakness strong and will always surface as a hole.

And not just in the gym. 

We simply can’t avoid difficult things in life. 

Or doing things we do not want to do which will make us better. 


Skipping a cardio only day or workout with burpees & machine (or workouts that aren’t sexy “looking”) only has YOU missing out on tremendous benefits and improving long term health and resilience. 

We all need both of those. 

#3 – Play the Long Game

Longevity always matters. 

At our core, everyone wants to live the longest life possible. 

Part of that is taking care of our bodies, our minds, ourselves. 

We often put many things before ourselves. 

And before we know it, 

We feel lost in a body we no longer recognize or can feel, 

We are broken, hurting and feel incapable of many ordinary things.

Our esteem is in the dumps. 

Care about it now before the universe gives you a reason to make you care. 

Your daily investment in yourself is always an ongoing LIFE process that should ALWAYS have roots in:

+Quality and Quantity Nutrition Practices 

+Consistent Training 3-5 times a week 

+Caring and tending to your mind.

+Caring and tending to your body. 

Perfection is not the goal – consistency is. 

#4 – Injuries are Normal 

Injuries, tweaks, setbacks are all a part of the process.

Things happen, life happens. 

It’s okay. 

There’s a message, a lesson in this happening that we are being called to learn. 

The longer it takes to listen and adhere to the more strenuous or problematic it can become.

These are not reasons to stop, give up or quit altogether.

Adjust course accordingly, whether that’s adjusting your workouts, pivoting your training (group to 1:1), enlisting the help of other professionals (body workers, chiropractors, physical therapists etc.)

Being resourceful is never the problem,

A lack of resourcefulness usually is. 

“I am experiencing a signal that something isn’t right currently and I need to respect the check engine light.”  

#5 – Without The Basics – You’ll Always Struggle…

If you struggle to master the basics, ie:

-Consistency/adherence to training 

-Movement quality {technique always matters}

-Food Basics 101 (protein, quality, quantity) 

-Stress management 

-Sleep (7-8 hrs) 

You’ll always struggle. Everywhere. 

#6 – Can’t Help The Unwanted…

No matter how hard you try, some people (yes even your loved ones) won’t care about health and fitness the way you do.

Or the way you want them to. 

And that’s okay.

They may tease you.

Call you the health nut or make remarks at family or friendly gatherings. 

My request to you is to remain unshakeable. 

Know your truth and those remarks aren’t really about you, they’re how they feel about themselves. 

That being said…

#7 Your Environment Matters

The people around you either bring you up, hold you back or pull you down.

Sadly, even our loved ones. 

And that’s a brutal truth indeed.

We can still love them as much as we do.

We just may need to reevaluate who gets as much of our energies. 

People have to participate in their own rescue, 

& No one is coming to save you. 

Look around to see who is supporting your best you. 

#8 – Grow Your Patience Muscle [results take time]

The results you do want, 

Lose the 10lbs, 

Less fat around your stomach, 

Your knees stop hurting…

Are going to take WAY longer than you want. 

And sadly, in this life most people will change their minds or give up on that goal altogether. 

Most people want the SHORTCUT way. 

And look for what’s easy and want it fast, and want it now.

And don’t understand why it’s taking so long.

…Even when I’ve JUST began doing the right things for a few months….

#9 – You Won’t Get Abs or Lose Belly Fat By Working Abs 

You strengthen the muscle by exercises. 

You lose body fat by the combination of 

-Eating more of the right things (lean proteins, fruits, veggies) 

-Less of the wrong things (sugars, drinks, alcohol, processed or junk foods)

-Resistance training (lifting dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells) 


doing the right things outside the gym (sleep 7-8 hours, manage stress) 


Doing those things 




That it becomes your lifestyle. 

Oh yeah and see #8 again.

It’s going to take way longer than you want. 

#10 – Your Biggest Obstacle Is You 

We must take 100% responsibility if we want to take our health, wellness and fitness to the levels we desire.

And to sustain them.

Priorities will always dictate what you get more out of life.

To be successful in anything we must be willing to do the hard things. 

To ask for help.

To do the things necessary that move us closer to who we want to be. 

BONUS – #11 – The Thing We All Really Want Is….

To feel a certain emotion.









When you realize this,  it’s powerful. 

It’s not about the weight on the scale. 

It’s not about the 5lbs on my back squat. 

It’s about the emotion I want to experience more of….

And who I can become to achieve that…


who I did become to achieve that! 

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