When You Don’t Want To Work Out 

From Dawn, member since 2018:

“So, today was a scheduled workout day for me. When the time came to do my workout, I wasn’t feeling it. I sat for a bit considering skipping it.

A thought popped into my head from who knows where. It was like someone else’s voice.

It said “ It’s important! Don’t skip your workout.”

So, off I went and did my workout.

I had a good workout and feel so much better now.

I know lots of you know we always feel better afterwards. It doesn’t mean there won’t be a struggle occasionally to go get that workout done.

That’s the first time my subconscious or whatever it was sent me that particular message… “It’s important.”

It truly is “important”. And I know that!

Just wanted to share this in case you ever find yourself thinking about having a skip day for no other reason other than you just don’t feel like doing it. 😀” – Dawn

by Coach Shawn

It’s very rare that I don’t want to work out. 

It’s what I love to teach and be a part of. 

It’s the world I’m immersed in. 

It’s one of the best parts of my day to take class.

Yet there have been a few times when I have felt challenged in that desire to come back in the evening to work out.

Which is new for me.

At different points there has been accumulation of life stress.

“Motivation” is feeling low. 

Maybe I can’t perform what we’re doing for that day (with my shoulder currently.)

The reasons don’t really matter…

What I found from my own experience is when I commit myself to showing up, to the training and moving, regardless of the lack or absence of wanting to that day, 

I always, and I mean, always feel better afterwards. 

Like a new person better.

Most notably, mentally better. 

And one of these recent times I took some time to acknowledge and appreciate the action of overcoming the “feeling” of not wanting to do it and then committing to do it anyway.

Aka the discipline muscle. 

(Are you appreciating and acknowledging yourself when this happens to you?)

And celebrate how great I felt afterwards and the remaining time of my day.

I know this is not unique to me.

There’s ebbs and flows to life. 

Things pile up, schedule gets away from us, work demands more, someone gets sick and stress just grows.

And our will power will be put to the test. 

And we often forget,

Movement and fitness is hands down one of the best stress relievers.

Need to blow off steam? Work out.

Need to feel better and change your state? Work out.

Don’t want to work out? 

Work out…you’ll feel better!

We all are busy and hard working humans who all have our own unique life demands on our plate.

That one hour for ourselves of fitness, movement and connection with others 

Is not only our physical release but a critical aspect of our own mental health and our overall well being.

The bonus?

Doing this with other extraordinary human beings 😊 

We have the best training partners in each other.

Personally I get excited looking at who’s reserved for the class I’m attending and it motivates me more because not only am I excited to see them but they’ll be an instant improvement to my day.

You may not even realize the impact you have simply by being you. 

Helping another show.

Inspiring another in the gym.

Making their day better than it was previously.

So thank you.

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