This Stuff Works

By Coach Shawn

Georgia, 10+ years

Over 10 years ago, Georgia began her health and fitness journey at railroad.

She began that journey in a grungy warehouse down by the railroad tracks.

There was not a ton of fancy equipment, apple watches or heart rate monitors.

You even had to walk 200 m to the restroom in the middle of the warehouse.

Equipment was limited. 

We had a few barbells, some weights, some kettlebells, a handful of row machines and some dumbbells and medicine balls. 

We even had a makeshift sled out of an old punching bag holder. 

Yet Georgia got extremely fit, strong and healthy. 

She maintained low body fat (even with a love of triscuits 🙂 and put on muscle.  

She was, is and continues to be one of the best movers at the gym. 

Her movement quality whether she is fresh or fatigued are always of some of the highest integrity.

DAWN, 5+ years

Dawn began her health and fitness journey in her late 50’s back in 2018. 

She made such a radical shift in her well-being and fitness, so much so that was 

she committed to building out her own home gym and even named it the “wod pod.”

That wod pod would serve her well when the entire gym went remote during Covid-pandemic.

Today, Dawn works remotely 1:1 with Coach Shawn. Performing her training in that very wod pod. 

Months back we had a meeting about her goals and what she wanted her training to look and feel like to compliment one of her biggest passions, playing Tennis 3-5 times a week.

Recently, Dawn, now 60 years young, back squatted a new best at 180lb, deadlifted 190lbs, performed 5 full pushups, and isn’t far off a strict Pullup!

All of that in the same week as playing Tennis 5x per week too.

How do/did these ladies do this?

Their own personal commitment,


Because this stuff works.

We do not chase novelty. 

The fanciest & newest tech or even equipment. 

We don’t need the shiniest new bumper plates. 

We chase outcomes. We chase progress. 

I want you to be stronger, to move with grace and confidence. And to know there is a lot more possibility within yourself than you think.

And I also know how this stuff will dramatically improve all areas of your life.  

Fitness does not need to be complex to get extraordinary & consistent results.

At Railroad, teach & aim to master the basics then refine them.

We squat, we deadlift, we push, we pull and we always do core work.
We swing kettlebells, use dumbbells, push and pull sleds, and get our heart rates elevated everyday.

I believe the work should have purpose and intent and the staples always deliver on progress.

Add personal commitment and consistency, 

you can achieve your own version of greatness. 

Want to get Fitter? 
Want to get Stronger?

Here’s your prescription:

  • Lift something off the floor until you get tired.
  • Press something over your head until you get tired.
  • Pull something toward yourself until you get tired.
  • Sit down and stand up holding weights, and as many variations as possible.
  • Walk, drag, carry or push something for a good amount of time.
  • Do it outside if you can.

The key is not to find the next technology or the next pill or the newest machine.

The key is to get off the couch, off all the extra carbs consumption, and out of your head for a half hour to hour every day.

That’s the way…

and that way works.

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