By Coach Shawn 

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I remember one of my first months coaching at Railroad back in 2012. 

I took my particular class on a run from the gym which was located down by the Railroad tracks up to the Warren St. park (about a mile away) and back performing various calisthenics along the way, as some folks were preparing for an upcoming obstacle course run. 

On the way up to the park, I was at the front of our group leading our single file run up Warren Street, when I happened to look to my right and I noticed a car slowly gaining speed coming our direction on a slight downhill into oncoming traffic and people. 

And to my utter surprise, there was no driver behind the wheel. 

…400ft away 

…300ft away.

…200ft away.

…Gaining more and more speed. 

Thoughts in an instant flashed through my brain.

“What are you going to do?” 

“What can you do?”

Micro second decisions…

My run came to a halt. 

And at that very moment, I had a decision to make. 

I turned my body to the direction of the incoming vehicle and ran towards the vehicle. 

With all my force, energy and strength I met the vehicle head on with my body, much like an immovable sled push. 

My hands on the front of the vehicle, legs bent pushing as hard as I could into the vehicle with all my might. 

With my opposing force, luckily the vehicle stopped. 

Once the vehicle was at a full stop, relief flashed through me. 

As did the reminder I am leading a class on a run. 

I quickly ran to the driver side, opened the door, pulled the e-brake shut the door and went right back to the front of the run with my now jaw dropped class standing a couple hundred feet behind me. 

“Did you just stop a runaway moving vehicle?!?!”


Everyday of our lives, in the smallest or the most unforeseen ways, our bodies (and minds) will be put to the test. 

From daily activities that are less strenuous and for most and carry no extra thought like 

  • stepping up stairs, 
  • standing up from a chair, 
  • bending down to pick something up, 
  • light yard work or house cleaning, 
  • or even carrying in our groceries.

To slightly more strenuous things like:

  • picking up our kids, dogs 
  • or something heavy like removing our AC units out of the wall post summer.  

To more demanding things like:

  • hiking a mountain, 
  • shoveling heavy snow in the winter 
  • or moving a patient as a nurse. 

This is part of why we train. 


To possess the capability, confidence and assurance within our own capacity and abilities that we can handle the demands (known & unknown) of life. 

To possess our own level of strength, speed, control, coordination, power and flexibility. 

And one of the many amazing carryovers from our consistent training at Railroad is the positive mental benefits. 

  • Mental strength, 
  • Resilience 
  • Fortitude 

We develop not only physical strength, but mental strength, helping to better handle life’s demands. 

We realize each day how strong, durable and our own unique ability to endure is way more than we previously knew or ever understood. 

And from this consistent training we are better prepared and can enjoy more out of our lives. 

Confidently. Not held back. Or limited. 

We can embrace the uncertainty of what’s ahead with self-trust. 

Knowing each day we train to be better prepared. 

Fully understanding the only certain thing about this life is, well that life is uncertain. 


Life won’t care if you’re tired.

Life won’t care if you’re sore. 

Life won’t care if it’s fair.

Life won’t care if you’re ready. 

It will still send that moving car your direction without notice. 

And we will be better equipped, prepared for life because we train. 

We train consistently, each week, each month, each year. 

And through training consistently, 

we each better achieve our own versions of freedom through our fitness

(a pillar of Railroad CrossFit’s philosophy)

And we realize we are capable of more than we ever dreamed of. 

Like stopping a moving car.

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