The 1st Law of Fat Loss…it’s not what you think!

You have some body fat you want to lose. Or maybe a lot you want to lose.

It’s affecting how you feel. How you view yourself. Your thoughts.

Well let me tell you – there are two simple laws of fat loss everyone can get really good at that must be followed, and guess what…they don’t cost a thing.

If you do not properly hydrate, not only will you not achieve fat loss, but you might even gain body fat.  

How would I gain fat? 

Your body will try to correct itself. 

When it’s improperly hydrated and rested, your energy level will significantly drop because of this your body will desire a lot of calories to fill that energy. 

 This causes fat gain, if the results in a calorie surplus for the day.

When your body is dehydrated, the normal metabolic functionality will decrease as well causing Fat gain.

What is proper hydration?

Your body requires 64 to 96 ounces plus of water minimum each day to replenish what it’s lost from waste sweating and exhaling. When you add diet and exercise for fat loss you need to add another one to 32-64 ounces of water.

What is achieved by drinking 64 to over 100 ounces of water a day?

Water is essential for life. 64 to over 100 ounces of water is essential to achieve maximum physical performance and health. Those ounces helped digest and convert food into energy, keep your body cool, and regulate your body temperature during a workout. It carries oxygen and nutrients through your bloodstream into your muscles and lubricates your joints to prevent grinding and pain.

What if I don’t drink that much water in a day?

If you only drink enough water for your essential functions, and nothing more, but also increase your fitness activities and adopt a strict diet, you will face decreased function, decreased productivity, decreased sleep, decreased motivation, and dehydration. You will stall in trying to achieve successful fat loss, and your energy levels will be depleted. Depleted energy levels more often than not lead to overeating to compensate for the decreased energy.

When do I need to drink these 64 to 100+ ounces of water?

In a 24 hour period.

Most importantly,

Consuming 12 to 20 ounces of water right away in the morning.

Your body is dehydrated from the night before. It’s been repairing itself through the night and using water in your body to do that. Drinking water right away in the morning is like changing oil in your car and putting in fresh oil.

For every meal, your body needs 12 to 20 ounces to digest what you ate.

You need 12 to 20 ounces of water before and again after exercise. 

This may even require more water, depending on the conditions of the workout and how much water you have to replenish.

Will this much water cause me to urinate frequently?

Depends. Water can actually help control frequent urination.

Sometimes people introduce caffeinated drinks into their day, which is fine, but caffeine will trigger their bladder. If there is more water in your bladder than yes, there will be more frequent urination.

*also try a little sea salt or pink Himalayan salt in your last water consumption before bed to see if this helps 😉

How do I keep track of all the water I’m drinking?

Carry around a refillable water bottle that has a specific measurement at all times.

The only thing you have to remember is how many times you have to fill it up.

Drinking tea, coffee, or soda count as hydration?


Although these do contain some water, it does not count towards your hydration intake.

Can I add flavoring to my water?

Use a lemon or lime. 

There are a variety of water flavoring out there. Stick with the more natural flavoring or fruit. If a flavoring is loaded with artificial ingredients, you face the same situation as you would with soda if your body has to process them.

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Catechism For Fat Loss by Cody Nickson

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