By Coach Shawn

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Reasons People Join:

Want to lose weight.

Want to get stronger. 

Need structure and accountability.

Want to get healthier. 

Look better (increase confidence).

They are lacking self motivation and can’t do it on their own. 

3-6 months in, those reasons usually change. 

6 months later those reasons will change again. 

They mature over time. 

And over time, it always becomes about the quality of their life. 

That’s what we are after dramatically improving. 

Along the way, 

What people find or discover:

A Personal transformation.

Social transformation.

Purpose finding. 

Increased health, fitness and general wellness.

Personal accountability. 


Through their daily efforts within each session or class, what’s gained isn’t left just within the gym. 

Things we learn in the gym that transcends in life:

Self discipline. 

Strategy/plan of attack. 



Personal accountability.

Ability to do difficult things. 

Embracing and overcoming challenges. 

Self trust.

Working well with others. 

Reasons are why we start. 

Reasons + all the abundant results keep us going. 

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