Matt’s Nutrition Coaching Success Story:

Matt came to me 5 months ago, inspired by previous nutrition success stories at Railroad.

He had struggled to be consistent with nutrition across his life.

He’d run a similar cycle of making progress then letting go completely and gaining weight.

Here’s his 5 month update / journey so far…

He’s down – 18lbs total weight. 🎯

He’s down -12lb of body fat mass. 🎯

He’s down -3% body fat percentage. 🎯

In our most recent Nutrition Coaching Session here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve never been so consistent.

This feels like a forever lifestyle, not just something I will do for a period of time.

I travel frequently, and in the past I’d stray and lose all momentum during.

Through our work, I have plenty of tools available and I approach it entirely differently.

I am forward thinking and prepare ahead of it.

I’m making better choices.

I’m consistent with the habits we’re focusing on.

And the accountability is incredibly helpful.

I’ve navigated situations that in the past would have derailed or thrown me off course with intention and because of that I feel in control.”

When I asked what he’s most proud of recently he said,

“Making steady improvements for my health.

It’s more than the numbers reflected on the board,

but it’s about how I feel.

And…my clothes fit so much better.” 🙂

Matt is a perfect example of what commitment looks like.

No road will be straight, without challenge or perfectly linear of progress.

Yet when we build on the tools and strategies as well as our consistency and commitment muscles, with support and are held accountable…

the path to progress is a bright one. ☀️💙

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