NEW Service Available at Railroad CrossFit…

By Coach Shawn

Elevate Your Fitness Results: 

Introducing Small Group/Semi-Private Personal Training at Railroad CrossFit

We are EXCITED to share that we are adding a NEW service to our core services:

Small Group Personal Training [aka Semi Private Personal Training.] 

We understand that every individual’s fitness goals are unique, and our semi-private sessions are designed to provide you with tailored guidance in a supportive and community-driven environment.

It is the perfect bridge between 1-on-1 Personal Training and Large Group Classes at Railroad. 

What is it? 

Semi private training is 2-3 clients training at the same time under 1 Coach.

Who’s It for?

Semi Private is perfect for individuals who:

  • Want results.
  • Values the benefits of personalized attention but enjoys a more social and cost-effective approach compared to one-on-one training.
  • Don’t know what to do in the gym. 
  • Seeks accountability and motivation from a small, supportive group.
  • Prefers a semi-private training schedule that offers flexibility while still providing structure.
  • Understands the importance of investing in their health and fitness but may have time or budget constraints that make one-on-one training less feasible.
  • Beginner to intermediate fitness level.

What are the Benefits? 

  • Coach : Client Ratio 

In Large group class environments (12-20+) a Coach is dispersing their attention across a wide-spread amount of people and constantly displaying group management skills. 

Layering in small doses of personalized coaching and attention to each person in the class.

In Small group Personal Training the environment is much smaller and attention is personalized. 

With up to 3 training clients under 1 coach, the value and attention on each individual is increased significantly. 

  • Customized Training 

The programming is customized for each individual’s particular goal, current fitness level and meets them where they are at. 

While training may have a similar foundation – how each individual gets there, the method, tools and particular approach will vary client to client. 

So in this setting you get the benefit of an individualized training plan with others around you, training on their goals simultaneously. 

  • Community & Camaraderie 

Working out by yourself it can be easy to lose motivation. 

1 on 1 Personal Training is great for the attention to detail and focus solely on you, however at the end of the day everything has a drawback.

We are social creatures. We thrive on relationships and bonds. 

Who doesn’t want friendships, community and people who they look forward to seeing. 

And better seeing and sharing in regular improvement together.

  • Cost 

Price could be a drawback to beginning Personal Training with a Coach. 

It’s a possible reason so many choose to go with large group training. 

One of the major benefits in small group personal training is the cost for everyone lowers. 

You’ll save 30% per session compared to the cost of a 1 on 1 Personal training session. 

This is a huge benefit!

This could even allow you to get in 1 extra session per week – increasing the speed of 

achieving results. 

Or just helps out your economic imprint as well. 

And while the price of the session has gone down, the value has gone up! 

You get an individualized program. 

Groups are small enough where the Coach will be providing constant guidance, feedback and attention to detail.

Not to mention the value of working in a very small group setting, providing that missing link for the community. 

Does that sound like something that’s interesting to you?

If it does, simply email that you’re interested in Semi PT and we’ll jump on a call and I’ll give you all the details!

If not, send this to someone who you know could benefit from this. 

Your nod has the ability to improve their life. 

And if you’re completely happy and content where you’re at with what you’re doing – keep on doing that! 🙂 


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