Never Alone…

As I was trying to catch my breath and recover from round 1 of the sled push to get ready for my next round,

I looked out on the pavement to see a few of my classmates, stopped, resting, their sled awaiting a push, exhaustion on their face, hands on their knees, huffin and puffin.

And on top of that,

the hot sun beaming down upon them.

And in that brief moment of rest,

The others spoke…

Someone behind me yells out to the group,

“You got it, you can do it!”

Then another person shouts out,

“You are strong…almost there!”

Then another starts clapping


Another yells out our classmates names in encouragement.”

We all hit the wall.

We all will find struggle.

The others knew exactly what they were feeling.

The fatigue, the heavy breathing and the mental chatter.

They spoke to let them know they’re not alone.

They shared a message, one that said…

I believe in you. I see your effort. I’m right here with you.

A reminder in a moment where they felt weakness, that they are capable.

That they are stronger than they think.

The people who were resting channeled their second wind on tired legs and lungs and they rallied.

They pushed through the resistance.

And pushed their sled weighing anywhere from 65 lbs to 200lbs the remaining distance.

We come together.

Better one another.

Recognize one another.

And lift one another.

We support one another.

Special place. Special people.

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