Meet one of our Personal Training clients: Peter!

As a busy, hard working individual, entering his late 30’s Peter knew he needed to invest in himself to become the best version of himself.

He came to us for the following ⬇️

✅Become leaner

✅Get stronger

✅Personal Accountability

✅Structure for his workouts & nutrition

✅Build discipline.

For Coaching to most effective, it’s combining the work in and out of the gym with a high compliance rate. 

Starting in July of 2023, he committed.

He achieved 72 Personal Training sessions…

3 sessions a week.

30 minutes each.

90 minutes total training a week.

The Results:

•He’s 20lbs down 🚀

•Down 11% body fat  📉

•Went from 1 Pullup to a 40lb weighted pullup 

•Went from 1 Dip to a 60lb weighted dip 

•Increased his strength significantly, earning personal bests and increases of 50lb to his squat & 60lb to his deadlift.

While sculpting down to a lean athletic build.  

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His self confidence has never been better.

As with any journey, the road wasn’t always easy.

Personal challenges and professional challenges came yet Peters knew discipline and consistency never wavered.

We are proud and pumped for Peter’s progress so far, and can’t wait to see what 2024 brings for him!

Are you ready to invest in yourself and feel the best you’ve ever felt?

Your life can be entirely different in 6 months, just like Peter’s is.

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