Meet one of my Nutrition Coaching Clients: Neil!

Neil has been heavier his whole life and was ready to make a shift, lose weight and really focus on his health.

Especially after he became a father.


After his doctor wanted to put him on meds due to his current health status.

He was working out 3 days a week.

But as the old adage goes you can’t outwork a poor diet.

Neil began Nutrition Coaching to:

✅Lose weight & keep it off.

✅Decrease his body fat %.

✅Improve his overall health.

✅Learn how to develop healthy eating habits.

✅Have Personal accountability & support.

✅Improve his lifestyle habits to not require meds.

Neil WAS doing the following:

•Grabbing a bagel & cheese to start his days.

•Going off the rails at dinner.

•High calorie Snacking late at night.

•Drinking in excess.

•Calorie bombing while eating out on the weekends.

He felt like crap all around.

He had worked previously with Nutrition Coaches in the past & would make some progress but then back slide.

Never fully committing to the process.

When he reached out and requested to work with me, knowing this,

I told him the truth.
I will only work with you if you commit.
Otherwise you’re wasting both of our time.

Neil didn’t have a strong why, so we got deep to find it.

Since we began working together in May, 1 session a month with weekly accountability check ins,

Neil has changed dramatically.

In fact, he’s become the standard of commitment to the process.

Under Nutrition Coaching Neil has…

•Lost 50lb pounds 💪🏼

•Decreased 9% Body Fat

•Lost over 30lbs of Body Fat Mass!

•Developed much healthier habits.

•Eats better, drinks significantly less.

•Self confidence has skyrocketed.

Oh and his doctor couldn’t be happier about his results.

He brings his in body sheet to show her the whole breakdown of his body composition.

Inspiring work done by Neil. And we aren’t done yet.

I’m proud of you my friend – your journey will certainly inspire others.

What will you commit to today to improve your life?

Are you ready to invest in yourself and feel the best you’ve ever felt too? 
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