Lose Weight, Get Stronger & Enjoy The Process

By Coach Shawn

You want to lose weight?

Not comfortable or happy with where your body’s at?

Starting to become alarmed with how your health feels?

Displeased with your current level of fitness?

Maybe you struggle with getting motivated too?

I understand.

In my experience, a solution that works well for many is COACH LED Group Fitness Classes at Railroad.


Training under a Coaching team who know what they’re doing and take the guesswork out of how to get results.

Coaches who will guide you, care about you and teach you to keep you safe first, then earn progress second.

Consider your Coaches a jack-of-many trades or swiss army knife like – as not only their knowledge is deep but will provide solutions to many goals and desires you are aware of…

…And some you may not even.


Training with other folks may initially sound intimidating…

I promise you, in actuality, it is quite the opposite.

It becomes awe inspiring. All ages, abilities, backgrounds and experience level.

The friends you make will help keep you motivated and enjoying your new best hour of your day.

To be in a room where the positive energy is contagious is empowering and dramatically improves lives.


So if you’re looking to increase your stamina, your strength, your desire and enjoyment to train regularly and consistently which will give you all the things you want,

prioritize yourself, come make friends, learn how to move and trust your body and better yourself.

It starts with a conversation.

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